How to avoid insurance claim denial

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By: anonymous
on 20th Apr,2011

We all have health insurance or auto insurance policies so that we can get help during a sudden emergency.
How to avoid insurance claim denial.

We all have health insurance or auto insurance policies so that we can get help during a sudden emergency. However, many a times, our health insurance claims or auto insurance claims may be denied by the insurance company. Most of us are taken by surprise when the insurance claims get denied. However, here are few ways in which you can avoid an insurance claim denial:

1. Provide the required data: Whether it is your health insurance claim or your auto insurance claim, you will have to provide as much data as possible. Health insurance claims often get denied because of the missing data. You should ask your doctor to include accurate patient information. You should also ask your doctor to check diagnosis and procedure (ICD9) codes for further accuracy. For auto insurance claim, you should take advantage of every opportunity in order to gather as much data on the scene as you possibly can.

2. Good documentation: In case of a car insurance claim, you will be able to avoid a denial if you can provide proper documentation. You should take pictures of all the cars involved right on the scene if you're not badly injured. It will be better if you could provide as much evidence together as possible as it will help you in proving the credibility of your claim. You should also wait for the police so that you can offer them a statement.  In case of health insurance claim, you should write down the name of every person you talk to in reference to your health problems and keep backups of the correspondence and paperwork. This documentation will be of great help if an insurer denies your claim.

3. Know your health plan requirement: This is very important in case of health insurance claims. Most of the patients do not read the handbooks that their health plans provide. As a result, the patients are unfamiliar with the health plans' requirements. Thus, if you do not meet the required criteria, your insurance provider will deny the claim. The patients need to make sure that the treatment that they are planning on receiving is covered under the insurance before the treatment is received.

4. Eyewitnesses: In case of an auto insurance claim, eyewitnesses play a major role. If there are any eyewitnesses to the accident and if they are willing to give their account of what happened, you should get their contact information. You should also get the information of any other vehicles involved in the collision. Get on the line with your insurance company and the local law enforcement authorities as soon as possible.

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