6 Tips to make profit with house flipping

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 13th Nov,2013

It refers to a practice of buying a property with the intention of selling it at a much higher price in the near future.
6 Tips to make profit with house flipping


House flipping is one of the popular business ventures in the recent times. It refers to a practice of buying a property with the intention of selling it at a much higher price in the near future. However, before starting this business, you need to be aware of certain things in order to make your desired profit. Here are 6 tips to make profit with house flipping.


  1. Research the housing market in that area – If you want to get success with house flipping, then you will have to research the housing market, where you are planning to buy a property. Therefore, you need to do a bit a homework regarding the type and size of the properties which are most likely to sell. This knowledge will help you purchase a house which you can sell and make profit. It is also advisable to not make unique renovations because customized homes are less likely to sell. Your goal should be to make the property appealing so that you can sell it quickly and make a good profit.
  2. Make an estimated cost of your project – It is quite essential to make an estimated cost of the project before you buy a house with the intention of flipping it. Moreover, while making the estimate, remember, it is most likely to go over what you’ve planned. So, always over-estimate the cost such that you’re ready financially.
  3. Acquire necessary skills – It will be much easier for you to make profit if you are handy with some jobs such as, roofing a house, laying carpet or installing a kitchen sink. If you’re able to do these jobs, then you can save the money which otherwise you will have to pay to the professionals.  
  4. Try to sell the house all by yourself – Involving a real estate agent makes the selling process somewhat hassle-free; however, the agent will obviously make some profit from this transaction. So, why not sell it yourself if you have the required knowledge? What you need is adequate knowledge and patience in order to sell the property at the price you want to.
  5. Consider living in the property for some time – It is better to live in the property for some time, especially if you’re already making mortgage payments for some other house. Usually, it becomes difficult to pay two mortgages; so, what you can do is, stay in the property which you’re buying, for some months and rent out your existing home. By doing so, you can use the rental income to make renovations in your new house and also make the monthly mortgage payments on time. You can also live in the property for 2 years and then sell it in order to make a tax free profit.
  6. Get ready for the investment – When you are buying a property with the mindset of flipping it in the near future, you should be prepared for the huge investment you are making. Not always you’ll be able to flip the house in few months, it may take quite some time to sell it off. Therefore, you should be financially prepared to make the mortgage payments, pay for the necessary improvements and maintain the property. It is always better to keep some extra money for unexpected delays and expenditure.


The secret of house flipping success is that you should have required knowledge to pick the right property in the right location and at the right price. You should be aware of what renovations you need to do and what to avoid. Therefore, it is better you acquire the required knowledge and don’t make huge investments initially. In the initial stage, buy comparatively low-cost properties and try to sell it at your desired profit margin. With experience, you will be able to make good profit by flipping big properties and be successful in your business venture.


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