2 ways women look at personal finance and 3 tips on how they can manage it better

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 19th Dec,2012

It is quite hard to deny the gender gap in financial literacy.
2 ways women look at personal finance and 3 tips on how they can manage it better

It is quite hard to deny the gender gap in financial literacy. It is not due to the fact that women cannot manage money well; on the contrary, they can sometimes manage it better than their counterpart. However, the way women look at money management is usually different than how men look at it. Here are some ways how women view personal finance and what they can do to improve their financial situation.


2 Ways women look at their personal finance

  1. They research before making a decision - One of the best qualities in most women is that they want to research their options before making a decision. Usually, women want to gather information from various sources, take time to go through the pros and cons and then initiate a plan of action.
  2. Having a peace of mind is the ultimate goal - Usually for a woman, peace of mind is the ultimate goal instead of having a goal of wealth accumulation. Their ultimate goal is to have a secure and sound financial future for her family. So, they want to have risk-free investments that will have ensured returns in future.

3 Tips on how women can manage finance in a better way

  1. Proper financial education - For each and everything proper education is important and managing personal finance is not an exception. You can take up an investing class in a community center to learn the ins and outs of investment. It will help you make an investment portfolio or play an active role in deciding the investment plan for a secured financial future of your family.
  2. Take initiative in family finance - Even if your spouse manages the money, you should take an active role in it. You can call a family meeting and decide the budget plan as well as investment strategies, and also involve your children so that they learn it from young age. When your children become teenagers, they should understand their family's financial situation and how they can contribute in making it better. You take initiative to check whether or not the bills are paid on time, whether or not you can reduce the insurance premium payments and so on.
  3. Make use of financial tools - There are several online financial tools which you can use for a better financial management. For example, there are budget tools which you can use free of cost; you can make a plan and review to from time to time in order to plan a realistic budget which you can follow. 

Every household should have an emergency fund to take care of the rainy days. So, contribute at least 10% of the family's monthly income to have a significant amount. Do not use the money unless it's a real emergency. As a woman, you play the role of motivating your family members to follow the budget and save every month for a better and secured financial future.

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