4 Fiery tips to sell your house during winter

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By: Good Nelly
on 13th Dec,2012

It is quite difficult to sell your house amidst the cold and erratic weather.
4 Fiery tips to sell your house during winter

It is quite difficult to sell your house amidst the cold and erratic weather. You need to clear the snow and decorate your home to make it presentable to the prospective buyers. Moreover, not many people are interested in purchasing homes during the winter. Those who look forward to buy homes during the cold weather are serious people. The competition is not fierce during this time. These people just want to take advantage of this in order to grab a good deal. Real estate owners refuse to believe that people don't buy homes during the winter. In fact, real estate dealers opine that they are extremely busy during the winter season.

If you really wish to sell your home during the winter, then check out the 4 tips that home sellers often use to attract prospective homebuyers.

1. Make your house warm: People are not interested to buy cold houses. Who would like to shiver in the house? If your house is cold, then no one would like to buy it. If you do want to strike a good deal, then set the thermostat at 70 degrees. Don't think about the heating bill right now. You need to make your house warm.

2. Have a smooth and clear walkway: No matter how much you love snowfall, it can ruin your dream to sell your house to a prospective buyer. A person wouldn't want to even check out a house if it very difficult to reach there. Clear the snow in your walkway. Pick up a shovel and remove the snow from your walkway.

Make it a point to have a parking space before/beside your house. It will be difficult to clear the accumulated snow. However, you've to do it in order to attract a potential buyer. Make sure snow is not piled up at the front door of your house.

3. Give attention to the home décor: A potential homebuyer would like to see if he could live in the house comfortably. He would like to view it as his next home. So, it would be wrong to remove all the decorations from the house. No one would like to purchase a cold and barren home. Give a classy touch to your home. Don't go over-the top. It would send the wrong signal to the potential buyers.

4. Fix the day as per the weather changes: Timing has to be right. It is a bad idea to showcase your house in a cold, dreary and dark day. Surf the weather channels to know if a storm is looming at your place. Shift the appointment with the prospective homebuyer to another day. You can show the house in the afternoon instead of the morning or vice versa. Be flexible and careful to grab the best deal during the winter.

Finally, homebuyers will be pleased to see a snowman greeting them in front of the house. Do whatever it takes to make your home presentable. You can dress the snowman in a funky t-shirt. Make sure you put the "for-sale sign" board in the hands of snowman.


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