4 Healthy tips to be physically and financially fit in 2013

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By: Good Nelly
on 24th Jan,2013

Americans are crazy about their heath and wealth. Most people make resolutions to be in a superb physical and financial shape every year.
4 Healthy tips to be physically and financially fit in 2013

Americans are crazy about their heath and wealth. Most people make resolutions to be in a superb physical and financial shape every year. Several people want to save dollars and be physically fit each year. If you've a similar wish list in 2013, then read along to get acquainted with the tips to fulfill your desire.

Tips to physically and financially healthy in 2013

Check out the tips that can help you burn calories and save dollars in the new year.

1. Go outside instead of hitting gym: You have to pay a monthly fee of about $43 to shed weight in a gym. This means you've to pay around $258 to remain a member in a gym for 6 months. If you're a resident of a main city, then the monthly fee can go up to $80. The initiation fee can cost an extra $100. If you quit gym by the mid year, then you can save $480 in the remaining months.

In the year 2011, people visited gyms 102 times in a year. However, there are millions of people who don't manage to take out time to visit gyms several times a month. If you don't have time to hit gyms every day or week, then it is better to terminate the membership.

However, you still want to be physically fit, right? Well, you can still be in a good physical shape by using the following tricks.

Doing exercises in the playground
Swimming in the office swimming pool

2. Skip processed foods and start cooking: Processed foods are a boon in the modern life. You can gulp the ready-to-eat foods and go to sleep. However, they don't contain the essential ingredients, which your body needs. Moreover, the ready-to-eat foods are quite expensive. So, do the calculations before hitting the supermarket for doing the necessary purchases.

You can cook chicken with vegetables for your family by spending $9. On the other hand, you've to spend $12 to buy frozen dinners. If your children love Extra Value Meals at McDonalds, then you need to spend $12 again,

If you really want to be healthy, then stop shopping at the grocery store where retailers offer varieties of juices, cookies, frozen meals, etc. Buy fresh vegetables, meat, and fruits from the market.

Buy groceries as per your meal. Use coupons to get things at low price. Purchase items in bulk to get hefty discounts.  These tips will help you save nearly $400 on food. In addition to that, you can reduce 26,000 calories by eating homemade meals.

3. Quit smoking and drinking: Life may become boring without cigarettes and drinks. However, if you want to live for a long period of time, then give up smoking and drinking. 

The price of a pack of cigarettes cost about $6. If you want to go for a better brand, then you've to spend nearly $14 in a city like Manhattan.

It is not easy to give up smoking especially when you're a chain smoker. However, if you read self-help books, then it will be possible to give up smoking eventually.

The effects of drinking on health are indecisive. Researches have shown that daily intake of alcohol is good for your health. It reduces the chances of heart attacks. However, if you drink beyond certain limit, then your kidneys and liver would be damaged.

Try to reduce your intake of alcohol, especially at restaurants every week since you may have to spend as much as $7 on the drinks. Reducing your alcohol intake will enable you save $13,650 in 6 months. It'll also help you stay mentally and physically fit.

Most people spend the maximum part of the day in office. You sit in your workstation and spend the entire day at office. There is hardly any physical activity. So, you don't get any chance to burn calories. If you want to be physically fit, then stop eating at the office cafeteria. Bring your own lunch. Don't commute to office by your car. Use a bi-cycle to make your muscles work. If there is a gym in your office, then use a treadmill to burn calories during your break time.

You would save nearly $1170 by using bi-cycle to commute to your office and not eating at the office cafeteria.

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