4 Mistakes which can destroy your net worth

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 9th Jan,2013

Here are 4 mistakes which you may unknowingly commit and destroy your net worth. So, take precautions so that you can build a good financial future.
4 Mistakes which can destroy your net worth

Do you know that you yourself might be unknowingly destroying your net worth? Yes, it takes quite a lot of time to build net worth but it might be destroyed in no time. Here are 4 mistakes which you may unknowingly commit and destroy your net worth. So, take precautions so that you can build a good financial future. 

  1. Accumulating bad debt - Though accumulating debt is not a good habit, yet there are difference between good and bad debt. A good debt can be an education loan, which helps you to have a career, which in turn, helps you in building a good financial future. Similarly, a car depreciates with time, so it might also not be considered as a good debt. However, accumulating debt on credit cards is not a good habit. You can invest in a house which will give you good return in future.
  2. Spending in an uncontrollable way - No matter how much you earn, uncontrollable spending is enough to destroy your net worth. So, even if you earn well, plan a budget and have a control over your spending. One of the most important areas of concern is taking care to not accumulate lots of money on your credit cards. Always think twice, compare prices before buying a high price item, especially if you're buying it with your credit card. Also, promise yourself to pay your outstanding dues at every billing cycle.
  3. Not maximizing your earning potential - Usually the peak earning period in a person's life is in their early 40s to mid-50s. So, you should maximize your earning opportunity during these years. However, the habit of continuously changing jobs and profession can harm your ability to reach your highest earning potential. So, build a career from your young age where you think you'll be able to flourish, and seniority will help you maximize your earning capability.
  4. Not calculating the potential risks - Not having required insurance coverage is one of the biggest mistakes you're committing, because you don't know when an unavoidable circumstance may destroy your financial footing. One of the major causes of personal bankruptcy in the nation is medical cost. So, have required health insurance along with home insurance and car insurance. Having life insurance coverage is also quite essential.

Apart from above, not having a retirement plan is also a big mistake you are committing. You should keep aside a certain amount every month and invest it into a suitable retirement plan. It is always better to invest in a retirement plan instead of investing in relatively risky investments. You should start investing right from the time you start your job life. This will help you build enough funds and you won't have to worry about your life after retirement. Also, post retirement, you would be able to lead a lifestyle which you are used to. 

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