4 Premarital financial moves everyone should make in this world

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By: Good Nelly
on 21st Jun,2012

Wedding is a big event in your life. You need to plan lots of things to have a perfect wedding.
4 Premarital financial moves everyone should make in this world

Wedding is a big event in your life. You need to plan lots of things to have a perfect wedding. You have to select the wedding gown, venue, cake and so many other things. Other than that, you have to sit with your fiancée and plan your financial life. After all, money and love are the 2 important ingredients of a happy married life. So, if you're getting married in the coming weeks or months, then read along to know about 4 pre-marital money moves you need to make.

Financial moves you need to make before getting married

Here are the 4 financial moves which you need to make before exchanging the wedding rings:

1. Have regular discussions about money: Talk about money with your fiancée regularly. Have general discussions about it. If you're currently not living with your fiancée, then make the discussions funny and light. For instance, ask him how he would want to spend money after receiving a financial windfall. Where will he take you to yearly vacations? Does he even believe in budgeting? What is his biggest financial dream?

Correct answers will help you plan your married life properly. Both of you can work to achieve your dreams. As you become comfortable with each other, talk about how you want to handle financial matters after marriage.

2. Find out secret to financial happiness: Both of you have different perspectives of life. Both of you see life in a different way. So, both of your approach to financial life will be different. No one is correct or wrong. So, don't try to change each other. This will create problems in married life.

Develop strategies to have a happy financial life. Set some ground rules from before hand. This could mean having discussions with your fiancée about the strategies to save money for vacations and buying a beautiful house. Develop a habit of talking about financial matters in every 3 months. This will help you find out where you went wrong and what you can do to rectify it.

3. Talk about the financial past: You are going to spend your whole life with your fiancée. So, it is important to know about your fiancée's romantic and financial past. Find out if your fiancée has racked up a huge amount of debt. If he is knee deep in debt, then talk with him and find out a way to get out of debt. Check his credit report if required and help him to clean it. Show your credit report to him. See what he says to make it better. Don't have financial secrets between yourselves. This will ruin your relationship in future.

4. Ask the right questions: Money issues can make your married life hell. They can ruin your relationship with your spouse. A lot of times, financial fights are actually not about money. They are primarily about your self-respect, freedom, safety, etc. Emotional issues get attached to money and couples are unable to think above the financial matters.

If you're really interested to avoid fights due to financial issues, then it is high time to ask some questions to yourself. Ask yourself about the ways in which your family has handled the financial matters. Think about the value of money to yourself - during the growing up years and now. Ask yourself the ways in which you've handled financial issues in your past relationships. Be honest to yourself while answering the questions.

Don't merge your debts with your fiancée. It is a sure shot recipe of a disaster. If your fiancée has credit card debt on his shoulder, then don't move ahead and share it. Likewise, don't transfer your credit card balances to your fiancée's credit card. Try to keep both of your debts separate. 

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