4 Ways to save significant dollars on your monthly bills

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 31st Oct,2013

This means that you should always read the fine print while taking out a credit card or opening a new bank account.
4 Ways to save significant dollars on your monthly bills


Do you try to plan a suitable budget and follow it every month, but not happy with the amount of money you are able to save? Do you think you should save little more every month? If yes, then there are chances that you are paying more on your monthly bills, which you can cut down to some extent. Here’s how you can save your hard-earned dollars on your monthly bills.


  1. Look for hidden fees in your monthly subscriptions – If you do not know the terms and conditions of your financial accounts, then it is time that you should go through them once. This means that you should always read the fine print while taking out a credit card or opening a new bank account. This is because, the banks usually want you to maintain a certain amount as balance in your checking account, every month. If your balance drops below the specified amount, then the bank will charge a hefty amount. Likewise, choose a credit card for which you do not have to pay an annual fee.
  2. Plan your weekly meals ahead – It often becomes difficult to plan meals last time, especially if you have quite a busy work schedule. Therefore, plan your weekday meals ahead in the previous weekend itself so that you can go with the list in the grocery store and not end up buying something which you would not require in that week. It will also help you save money which otherwise you would have spent thinking that you might require during the week. However, it is better if you make some emergency food plan, so that you do not have to bother if one day, you need to stay at office for a longer time period.  For these days, try to keep foods which do not perish easily or takes less to cook, but are healthy. Moreover, you can also clip and use coupons to save on your monthly grocery bills, even more.
  3. Ask for promotional package deals – You will find that the utility providers such as, cable services, often advertise new promotional deals. You can weigh the offer against the money you have to spend and if it is suitable, you can switch provider. By doing so, you might get better offer at a rate less than what you are currently paying. However, make sure the time till when the offer will be valid. This is because they may increase the rate after the period is over. You can also shop for such packages before going for one.
  4. Opt for bundle services – Another way to save on your monthly bills is to opt for bundle services. This means that you can opt for a single provider for cell phone, Internet and cable TV. Most providers offer bundle services nowadays. However, be very sure before signing a long-term contract and there’s another thing to consider; that is, if there’s a connection problem with one service, you might be devoid of all the services for a certain time period.


Along with following these tips, you can also think of eliminating an entire monthly bill in order to save significant amount. Yes, you can do it without much difficulty. Are you thinking how it is possible? Yes, it is somewhat possible. You can stop your home telephone service; however, to do so, you must have a cell phone with good reception and a good internet connection. If you have these two, you can easily do away with your home telephone connection. So, follow these tips and succeed on saving significant dollars every month, which you have always wanted to.


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