5 Fees you may have to pay while staying in a hotel

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 29th Sep,2013

Almost every one of us has experienced such a situation at least once.
5 Fees you may have to pay while staying in a hotel


Have you ever experienced, during the checkout, that the hotel is charging more per day than what they had agreed upon? If yes, then you’re not alone. Almost every one of us has experienced such a situation at least once. This is because the hotels often have certain hidden charges which are not included in the room rent. Here are few such charges which you should be aware of so that you can clarify these things while making a room reservation.


  1. Fee for using internet connection – Internet connection has become a necessity in the present times. So, it is quite obvious that you will ask whether or not there is wi-fi connection in the hotel room you are planning to reserve. However, the hotels often charge a fee for providing this internet access. Therefore, before booking a room, you can ask how much fee is included in the room rent for the internet connection and you can compare the rate with other hotels.
  2. Fee for checking in and out as per your timing – At the time of checking out of a hotel, do not be astonished if you find that the hotel has charged you extra for early check-in or check-out. Even if the room is clean, then also the hotel can charge this fee if you opt for early check-in. So, if you have to check in or out early, do call the front desk and clarify whether or not you need to pay extra.  
  3. Fee for holding your bags for a day – You may think to check out but leave your luggage with the hotel for some hours since you want to enjoy another day of your vacation as you have late flights to catch. Next time you think of doing so, ask whether you have to pay anything or it the service is offered free of cost. To avoid paying the fee, you can just go on a tour with a backpack which you can carry easily and also you won’t have to return to the hotel in order to collect your baggage.
  4. Fee for parking your vehicle in the parking area – In most of the metro cities, the hotels often charge a parking fee every time you leave and return to the hotel in your car. Nowadays, everyone has to park a car; either you take your own car on a tour or hire one from the airport. So, before you reserve a hotel room, check out whether or not the hotel charges extra for parking. You might save money if there’s a flat parking fee per day basis instead of paying every time you take out your car and keep it back in the allotted parking space.
  5. Fee for using towels at the swimming pool – If you want to use the towel provided by the hotel, then expect to pay around one or two dollars, which will be added to your bill. Moreover, they may also charge more if you forget to return it to the desk after using the pool area. Therefore, next time you feel like relaxing beside the pool, check out whether or not the hotel charges fees for the towels and even if you take one, make sure you return it to the person available at the counter and he/she strikes off the room number, that is you room number, against which the towels are issued.


The hotels usually offer certain services at no extra cost if you are a valued customer, that is, you have enough points for staying at a particular group of hotels for a number of times. The hotel authorities often waive the parking fee or the early check-in and check-out fees if you have enough points in your card. Therefore, if you have to travel often, be it for personal or business purposes, try to reserve rooms in a particular chain of hotels in order to enjoy such privileges, and in turn, you can save your significant dollars.


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