5 Interesting career tips for youths

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By: anonymous
on 15th Mar,2011

The youth of this generation is highly career oriented.
5 Interesting career tips for youths

The youth of this generation is highly career oriented. After finishing off school, today's young people start taking steps to build their own career. While building your own career or looking out for jobs, there are certain things which should be kept in mind. Most of the young people lose out on jobs or good opportunities as they do not know how to handle their first job interview or write down a proper resume/CV.

Here are 5 interesting career tips for youth which will help them in the long run:

  1. Career Planning: It is very important to plan for your career. Unless you plan for your career, there are chances that you may end up in doing something which you dislike or you're not interested in. You can visit a job counselor and discuss the various options that you can go for depending upon your education. This will help you in choosing a proper career for yourself which will make you happy in the long run. Your hobbies and interests can play an important role in your career planning. For example, you might enjoy cooking for your friends and family. You can go for a professional course in cooking and join a reputed hotel or restaurant as a chef. If you enjoy designing your own clothes, you may design it for others as well. How about becoming a dress designer with a reputed brand? Interesting isn't it? Just enroll yourself into a professional course and get yourself qualified for the job.
  2. Drafting a resume/CV: Before calling you for an interview, the interviewer will take a look at your resume/CV. Unless the resume impresses the interviewer, he or she won't be interested in calling you for an interview. While drafting your CV, mention your achievements under various titles and sub-titles. You can even glorify your achievements to some extent. Remember that it is your resume which will help you "sell yourself" to the interviewer and give you more brownie points compared to other applicants. While writing your resume, use power words which will help your resume look professional. You can even take the help of professionals who can help you draft your resume.
  3. Dress well: It is a well-known fact that the best looking people are also popular. Your dress will let others know what kind of a person you are. Thus, while going for a job interview, pay attention to the way you dress. It is better to wear a formal dress when you go for an interview. This will help the interviewer understand that you're seriously looking forward to join the company. Wearing formal and clean shoes is equally essential. For men, it is essential to be well shaven and their hair should be back combed. Women can go for light makeup and well combed hair. If your external appearance impresses the interviewer, there are high chances that you'll succeed in getting the job.
  4. Prepare well for the interview: It will be difficult for you to get a job, if you're not well prepared. When you apply for a job, try to know more about the company as well as your job profile. The interviewer may even test your general knowledge. So, it's better to know what's happening around the world in the recent past. A general understanding of the market place, technology, etc. can create a good impression on the interviewer. Apart from this, you should also know what your strengths and weaknesses are. The interviewer is definitely going to ask questions in that regard. Try to mention at least 2 references and the reference notes should highlight your strengths and achievements.
  5. Listen carefully: You should listen carefully to what the interviewer says. Do not interrupt him/her while he/she is speaking. Ask questions wherever you need clarifications. Dumb questions may irritate the interviewer which will not go in your favor. Own up if you feel that you've said something wrong. It is always good to own up if you've done something wrong. At least the interviewer will be happy to know that you're an honest person. 

Hope these 5 tips will be of some help when you apply for your dream job. Happy job hunting! :-)

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