5 Secret tips for home repair

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By: Anna Sweeting
on 30th Jun,2011

Thus, you will have to replace your roof and central air conditioning system after around 20 years.
5 Secret tips for home repair

If you're buying a home, then you'll also have to think about the maintenance of the property. Home repair and maintenance are costly affair and if you don't plan it beforehand, you'll be in trouble. If you're thinking of home repair, here are 5 tips which might make things easier for you:

1. Plan your home repair: You should always remember that every major household appliance has a life span. Thus, you will have to replace your roof and central air conditioning system after around 20 years. Apart from that, your dishwasher or your furnace will last for around 10 years. Thus, you should plan your home repairs accordingly so that it will be easier for you to replace your roof or your furnace when required.

2. Save money for repairs: You know that your home appliances may have to be replaced within the next 2 years. So, don't wait for that day. Start keeping aside some money every month from your pay check into a separate account for home improvements. You will find that at the end of 2 years, you'll have the required amount in your account!

3. Check out other financing option:
One of ways to finance home improvements is to liquidate the equity in your property. But again, if you don't have equity in your property, then it will be difficult to get home equity loans. However, you can buy a home warranty. This will make things easier for you when you need to repair your home.

4. Take a second opinion: Don't rely on the home inspector solely. You should also follow your home inspector and take notes about the condition of your home. If you haven't done that, take a second opinion from some other home inspector. Thus, you'll get an idea as to how long the major appliances and systems will last. This will also help you plan your home repairs quite accurately.

5. Contact good contractors: Home repairs do cost a huge amount of money. So, it's better to contact good contractors who will repair your home in a better manner. You will have to contact a plumber, an electrician, a HVAC professional, and a roofer when you plan to improve your home.

I hope the above mentioned tips will help you when you need to repair your home!

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