5 Things to discuss with your roommate before leasing an apartment

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By: Good Nelly
on 2nd Jun,2011

Are you moving out of state for your job? If yes, then you need to rent an apartment soon.
5 Things to discuss with your roommate before leasing an apartment

Are you moving out of state for your job? If yes, then you need to rent an apartment soon. However, if you can't afford to rent a whole apartment on your own, then you'll have to get a roommate. But sharing an apartment with a roommate can lead you to various financial troubles if you are not cautious. You need to discuss certain things with your roommate before renting an apartment so as to avoid getting into unnecessary and ugly fights on financial issues. Have a quick look at the article to gather knowledge on 5 things that you must discuss with your roommate before leasing an apartment. 

Financial things to discuss with your roommate

Go through the following lines to know about 5 financial things you need to discuss with your roommate prior to renting an apartment: 

1. Determine the amount each person will pay towards the rent:

You should discuss with your roommate about the amount each one of you will pay towards the rent. For example, if the rent of the apartment is $1000, then you'll have to share the total amount between yourselves. Now the main problem is to split the rent correctly.

If it is a big apartment, then the person taking the largest room or the best view should pay a good portion of the rent. In case, it is a small apartment and the rooms are of equal size, then you can divide the bill in 2 equal halves. This means both of you will pay $500 each for the rent.   

2. Specify the expenditures each person will take care of:

There will be loads of other expenses which you need to take care of apart from rent. Once you start living in the apartment, you'll need t.v, freeze, furniture, etc. But these items will not come for free. You'll have to purchase them. Apart from that, you'll need to pay the utility bills, telephone bill, grocery bill, water bill, etc. This is why you should determine the expenditures each one will be responsible for. For example, if you are paying the telephone bill, then your roommate will be responsible for paying the water bill. Ensure that the bills are paid on time. Otherwise, both of you will get into money troubles and fights in future.    

3. Discuss about the maintenance cost   

If you want your apartment to be clean and tidy, then you have to maintain it properly. You'll need to hire a cleaning agency if both of you don't have sufficient time to clean the apartment. So, decide how much each of you will pay for the cleaning expenses.

4. Discuss about the ramification if anyone of you decides to shift

Your room partner may decide to shift to another apartment due to certain unavoidable circumstances. In such a situation, you'll have to pay the entire rent and other bills on your own. On top of that you may be charged with a huge penalty by your landlord. To avoid such a situation, you should ensure that the person leaving the apartment early should pay the penalty.  

5. Discuss about rental insurance

It is better to discuss and take out a rental insurance policy with your partner. This way if there is some damage in your apartment or anything gets stolen, then both of you will not have to bear the extra expenses. The rental insurance will provide coverage for these things. 

Finally, if your roommate decides to keep a pet in the apartment, then he/she should take care of all the associated expenses. This means that your room partner should pay for the food, health check ups of the pet. 

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