5 Top ways to ease out your holiday stress

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By: Anna Sweeting
on 30th Dec,2011

Though holidays are mainly fun, they can be very stressful as well.
5 Top ways to ease out your holiday stress

Though holidays are mainly fun, they can be very stressful as well. The demands of relatives, kids and spouse can be really taxing and you may just want to flee. But you can't spend your much-awaited holiday in stressful manner. Using some smart tactics, you will be able to control your stress and spend you holidays in an enjoyable manner.

1. New Year Parties: These parties can be really stressful especially when you receive 3-4 invites. It is difficult to decide which one to go for and which one to leave out. But again to will have to visit all the 3-4 parties as all of them have been thrown by your friends or your family members. My opinion will be that you should visit all the parties. As soon as you arrive, you should inform your host that you didn't wanted to miss the party so you came here but you won't be able to stay more than 15-20 minutes.  They will appreciate your coming to the party and won't stop you from leaving it soon.

2. Giving away gifts: It may be quite difficult to decide what gifts you should buy for your near and dear ones especially kids. As per the psychiatrists, kids will appreciate you if you spend time with them apart from giving them the gifts. So, once you give them a toy, make sure that you spend sometime with the kid and help him play with it. Giving utility gifts such as clothes, mittens, etc. can also be a very good idea when kids are concerned.

3. Christmas Cards: Choosing the right Christmas card for the right person can be quite stressful. Moreover, just a signature on that card also makes it incomplete. Rather than spending money in buying a card, drafting a holiday letter will be a better option. Your letter can be a quick, amusing update for your friends and family, especially the ones whom you seldom see. Keep it short and positive so that it gets appreciated by everyone who receives it.

4. Winter depression: Winters can be quite depressing and the sense of loneliness can be the greatest just after the New Year. So, when you're planning for your holidays, make sure that you plan for the month of January. May be you can plan a small trip to a wonderful place. After the holidays, travel will be cheaper and you will also get cheaper hotels.  

5. Airports: If you're planning to travel on the Christmas Eve, then you should plan quite earlier in order to avoid stress. You should remember that tickets for traveling during the Christmas Eve go on sale may days earlier. So, if you know where you want to go during the Christmas Eve, you can book your tickets earlier. Book your cars to reach the airport on time as well. If you try to book a car at the last moment, you may face the danger of losing your flight.

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