5 Ways to earn extra and improve your financial position

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 14th Jul,2016

In the present times, it might not be enough to depend only on your primary income.

In the present times, it might not be enough to depend only on your primary income. So, if you have time to devote, you can take up a freelance job to earn extra every month. It is better if you choose a job which you like to do at your spare time. Here are 5 options to select a freelance job to earn that extra money every month. 

  1. Being a translator - Translation job is right for you if you are fluent in any other language other than English. However, if you want to take this up seriously, then it's better to get certified by the American Translators Association to earn about $70,000-80,000 every year.
  2. Being a search engine optimizer - If you think you're good in search engine optimization, you can use your knowledge to earn at your leisure time. You can charge good amount if you are successful in ranking your clients' websites high in the major search engines. You can work for hourly basis or as per your suitability.
  3. Taking photography hobby seriously - This is one of the popular part-time professions to earn lump sum every month. So, if you have the quality within you to take good pictures, then you can select this profession to earn at your spare time. You can be a wedding photographer and earn about $2000-3000 for a few hours of shooting. If you need photography equipment, you can easily buy them from second-hand stores at a relatively lower cost.
  4. Writing for various websites - This is one of those professions where you don't need anything to start. Though you need to devote some time to earn in six figures, however you just need a working computer and internet connection and a flair for writing correct English.
  5. Being a mobile developer - Do you know that mobile developers can earn about $100,000 for developing a single application? Yes, the corporate clients pay this much to a mobile developer. You can charge as per your choice since it's quite a time-taking job.

Whatever option you choose, it is necessary to not ignore your primary profession, especially if you like that job and you think you get good pay for your work. So, choose a part-time job which you can do at your spare time and still meet the deadlines of your work. What you have to do is learn the skills of good time management so that you can easily continue doing both your jobs and improve your financial situation to build a secured financial future. 

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