5 Ways to have a lovely frugal date with your Valentine in 2013

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By: Good Nelly
on 8th Feb,2013

An average person spends $116 on Valentine's Day. Women love to receive gifts on the Valentine's Day.
5 Ways to have a lovely frugal date with your Valentine in 2013


Valentine's Day is incomplete without beautiful gifts, flowers, entertainment, sumptuous meal, etc. An average person spends $116 on Valentine's Day.  Around 67 percent of the people splurge on spouse and the remaining percentage spends on friends, colleagues, and children.

Women love to receive gifts on the Valentine's Day. In fact, 53 percent of the women said that they would break up with their partners if they don't get gifts on the Valentine's Day. However, women are no more satisfied with chocolates and flowers nowadays. Women of the Gen Y generation want a mushy romantic date on the special day.

As per a recent survey, men are willing to spend $85 on the Valentine's Day. On the other hand, women are planning to be frugal on this Valentine's Day. They are planning to splurge less than $50 on this Valentine's Day.

Have a perfect date on the Valentine's Day

Don't even think that you've to spend a huge amount to have the perfect Valentine date. You can have a lovely Valentine's Day by using any of the following ideas.

1. Organize a nice picnic: You don't need to have a meal in an expensive restaurant. You'll hardly get any privacy in a restaurant where all the couples will go on the Valentine's Day. What you can do is, make a picnic basket. You can keep those food items, which your loved one loves to eat. You can take him/her to a lovely forest and finish the picnic basket together. Both of you can enjoy the special day amidst the nature's abode. Have a special date filled with love, fun and laughter.

2. Take your date for a long drive: You don't have to take your date to a movie hall. You won't need a long vacation also. You can just take out your car and go for a long drive with your date. You can talk to your heart's extent in your car. Just switch off your cell phone for a couple of hours so that no one can disturb you. You can also visit a friend or go to a very nice place with your Valentine.

3. Take your loved one to a museum: If your valentine has special interest in art and history, then go to a museum on the special day. Valentine's Day is the time to make the best impression upon your partner. You can very well do that by visiting a good art gallery.

4. Pamper your date: Everyone loves to get pampered. Take your partner to a spa where he/she can have pedicure or manicure. Don't think that men don't like all these things. Gen Y men want to look good. A little bit of pampering would make them more than happy on this day.

Finally, you can impress your date with your culinary skills on the Valentine's Day. You can make a chocolate fudge or an ice cream of any other flavor at home. There is hardly any person on this planet who doesn't like ice cream. You can have immense fun in making and gobbling the ice cream. Your date will be just floored with your effort.




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