5 Ways women can cut Expenses and Still EnjoyLife!

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By: giannaclark
on 5th Sep,2013

Having fun is not such a bad thing, but the fun part must be balanced with sound financials.
5 Ways women can cut Expenses and Still EnjoyLife!

Saving money isn’t any fun. This is especially true for women who want to enjoy life and who find it difficult to control their urge to shop, try out new products and generally have lots of fun. Having fun is not such a bad thing, but the fun part must be balanced with sound financials. Women personal finance is a topic that many women choose to ignore because it involves cutting down expenses. But, what many women do not realize is they can enjoy life, even if they are careful about where they spend their money.

Here are five money tips for women that ensure they don’t sacrifice the good things in life and yet, save money:


  1. Shop Till you Drop – But Make Smart Choices

Who says you need to cut down on your shopping, if you want live on a budget? But what you must do is make smart shopping decisions. Wait till that time of the year when there are some crazy discounts on offer on new clothes and other branded goods. If you know your favorite store offers huge discounts on apparel at the end of a season, make sure you wait for this sale. Set aside a sum for this shopping expedition and make sure you don’t spend it on other things.


  1. Save money while dining out

Going out with the girls? Worried about spending more than you can afford? Don’t worry. Just sign up for www.restaurants.com. You can access a variety of gift certificates offered by some of the best restaurants in town. Ask your friends to pool in money for a certificate of choice, so you can all enjoy dining out on the cheap. Worried about paying a premium on the drinks (It’s a girls night out remember!)? Make a list of restaurants that you want to go to, and call them up. Ask them, if you can Bring Your Own Booze. You will be surprised to hear plenty of restaurants answering with a ‘yes’ to your question!

There are also some restaurants who offer discounts some days in a week. Get more information on such restaurants and if they take your fancy, plan your girls’ night out around the days these restaurants offer discounts.


  1. Swap with Friends

If you’ve got a big friends circle, why not swap your clothes and accessories with them. Many of them will have clothes, shoes, glasses, belts, purses etc. that they might not be using. And what’s even more important, they might want something that you have but aren’t using. This is a win-win situation for everybody; you can swap items, save money and wear the clothes and accessories you want.


  1. Stop Going the Gym

No, this doesn’t mean you should stop exercising; it’s just that you should stop exercising at the gym and start exercising in your home. A typical gym membership costs upwards of $1000/year and that’s a substantial amount. This money saved could be spent on some other things or just invested in a high performance fund.

And don’t worry; you won’t miss the gym workout, if you perform the same workouts at home. There are plenty of workout videos available on the internet. Just follow them. You could even go to your neighborhood park for an early morning workout session or exercise in your garden. So, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t stop going to the gym, if you want to save money.


  1. Save on Entertainment

Don’t Panic! Saving on your entertainment costs doesn’t mean cutting down your visit to the movie theatre; all it means is looking for money saving options. So, if you are a movie buff, and frequent visit a particular chain of theatres, why not look for some loyalty card that offers a loyalty bonus. You could also look at cheaper movie tickets at stores like Costco. Or how about cutting down on your theatre visits by joiningthe neighborhood library?A yearly membership in this case, gives you access to a well-stocked DVD library and you could also pick a few books that you would like to read.

As can been seen, these are ways that will help you save money and still have fun. Saving money is about making smart choices. You can save money and still do the things you want to do. All you need to  do is find a cheaper way of doing things.

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