5 Ways you may be reducing the value of your home to the potential buyers

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 22nd Feb,2013

The knowledge will help you take the necessary steps in order to increase the value of your home to the buyers.
5 Ways you may be reducing the value of your home to the potential buyers


While trying to sell a property, the sellers often can't understand why their house is not lucrative to the potential buyers. Apparently, it may seem everything is all right and the sellers can't find out the exact reason why the buyers are not becoming interested or why they're not willing to pay the quoted price. Go through this article so that you don't make some common mistakes if you want to sell the property after a few years or at least you are well aware of the consequences if your house has the following features. The knowledge will help you take the necessary steps in order to increase the value of your home to the buyers. 


  1. Unattractive exterior - It is known to all that a buyer's first impression is created by looking at the exterior of the house. So, it is very much required to have a good visual appeal. So, the grass needs to be neatly cut along with neat flowerbeds (if any), so that the buyer doesn't calculate the cost of redoing the landscape. Similarly a buyer will not like dirty windows and chipped paint on the walls. So, paint the wall if necessary and clean the doors and windows before a buyer visits your house.
  2. Wasted space at the property - It may have happened that you had transformed your garage into a gym and preferred to keep your car outside, or transformed a room into a closet in order to have extra space at your home. However, a prospective buyer may think it as a wasted space and he/she may think twice before buying that property. This is due to the fact that the buyer may like it as it was previously and will have to spend a lot of money to transform it. So, think twice before doing such changes if you want to sell the property in a few years of time.
  3. Design specific interior - It was your house till you decided to sell it off. So, it is quite evident that you have made the entire house as per your taste. However, every person's taste is not the same. You might like a bright colored wall with a wood paneling, but the buyer might like neutral colors and will surely calculate the cost of tearing down the paneling or changing the paint; as a result, they will find the price of the home much more than what you have quoted. Therefore, it is better to furnish and decorate your home such that it has a broad appeal.
  4. Damage done by pets - If you have pet, then make sure you hire a professional for a good carpet cleaning to reduce the smell of pet odors and also fix the damages done to the walls and carpets. Moreover, a buyer will not like such a property if he/she or any of his family members is prone to allergies.
  5. Outdated bath and kitchen - Bath and kitchen, two of the most important features of a house, should be updated before listing your home. If you cannot renovate the entire bath or kitchen, at least, add new fixtures, change the lights and tiles. Also, have a fresh coat of paint on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets and put a fresh laminate on the kitchen counter. By doing so, you can get a sure return by getting a lucrative price for the property.  

Last but not the least, your half-done DIY projects can reduce the value of your home. This is because poorly done or uncompleted projects may require the buyer to spend money in order to complete or re-do it. So, if you don't have enough confidence and knowledge of doing a project, it is better to not try it on your own and spoil it. Instead, have a specialized person do it, which in turn, will increase the value of your house to your potential buyers. 


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