6 Ways to reduce your cell phone bill

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By: MarieGarcia
on 7th May,2011

1. They are technically right by saying that there are no hidden charges. which are mentioned in your bill.
6 Ways to reduce your cell phone bill


Do you always think that it would have helped you in managing your finances if you could reduce your cell phone bill by several dollars every month? If yes, then you should know that you can reduce the cost without having to compromise with your cell phone usage. Go through this article to know about 6 ways to reduce your cell phone bill and save a substantial amount which you can put towards managing your finances better.

1.    Make yourself aware of cell phone terminology

To reduce your cell phone bill cost, you should be aware of the billing terminology. While signing up for a cell phone contract, you must have asked to the service provider whether or not there are any hidden charges, and most likely you've got the answer ‘No'. They are technically right by saying that there are no hidden charges. This is because they often use terms as ‘activation fees', ‘usage charges', etc. which are mentioned in your bill. So, ask specific types of charges while opting for a cell phone connection.

2.    Check minute details in your cell phone bill

When you get your first cell phone bill, check it minutely. If you come across something that you were not informed when you opted for the connection, then make a call to the company. Be polite and ask about the charges. The customer care agents are well trained, so they'll be able to solve your queries and can also reduce your bill, if required. So, do not hesitate to make the call if you don't understand about a charge mentioned in your cell phone bill.

3.    Take advantage of in-network minutes

The cell phone service providers often offer unlimited in-network minutes. If you opt for this option, you can talk to the people within the network for free of cost. So, it is better if you go with the carrier that most of your friends and/or family members use. It will help you reduce your phone bill cost significantly.

4.    Find a suitable service provider

The cell phone service providers offer special add-ons from time to time. However, these add-ons usually differ from one company to the other. For example, one cell phone company may offer free evening minutes from 7 pm while others may offer it from 9 pm. Opting for such a service provider will help you if you prefer calling people around 7 pm. There are also some cell phone companies which provide you with the option to roll your unused cell phone minutes to the following months. It will be a great help if you're not consistent with the minutes you use every month. It may happen that you need to use more cell phone minutes in the next month and opting for this option will help you manage your finances. So, choose a cell phone plan as per your suitability.

5.    You can text for free

Some of the cell phone carriers may offer you the opportunity to text people free of cost. In this type of program, you send your text to the recipient's cell phone through your e-mail account. You also receive the reply as e-mail. You can also use Google Talk chat to send texts from your computer at free of cost. The carriers also offer a bundle of text messages (such as, 500 messages) for a specific dollar amount (say about $10) every month. This can help you save considerable amount of money if you are fond of sending text messages to people.

6.    May consider prepaid cell phone plans

You can opt for prepaid cell phone plans if you don't use your cell phone much. In a prepaid cell phone plan, you purchase a certain dollar amount to use for a specific period of time. The unused minutes can be carried forward to next months but usually, they expire after one or two months.

Apart from above, you can also try to reduce your cell phone bill by switching service providers. You are likely to get discounts if you switch to a new service provider. However, you may not consider switching companies if you're getting good coverage. If not, then you can think of switching to a new company in order to get a better coverage at a relatively low price.

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