6 Ways to save money while dining out

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 2nd Apr,2013

There deals are usually not mentioned anywhere else and only the chosen people get access to these.
6 Ways to save money while dining out


Have you ever thought how much money you spend on dining out? Yes, it is true that sometimes you need to dine out and keep that allowance in your budget. However, do you know that you can save significant dollars while eating out just by following some simple tips? Here's how you can save money while eating out. 

  1. Check out special occasion deals - Most of the restaurants offer certain discounts on special occasions. So, on your special occasion, while you check out the menu or reserve your place, call and check out whether or not they offer deals; if not, then check out elsewhere as several restaurants offer deals on your birthdays and anniversaries. You might get free desserts or meals at half-price or a free cocktail if you're lucky.
  2. ‘Like' a webpage in Facebook - By ‘liking' the Facebook page of your favorite restaurant, you can get access to special deals and promotions. There deals are usually not mentioned anywhere else and only the chosen people get access to these. Likewise, certain restaurants post deals on Twitter, too. So, you need to follow such restaurants in order to get discounts or freebies.
  3. Split your specific meal in two proportions - Often the restaurants serve over-proportioned meals which is more than what a person can consume. So, you can ask to split your meal in two proportions. By doing so, you save money and also avoid having extra calories. If you're dining out alone, ask to split your meal in two portions and pack the second half in a to-go box which you can eat the next day.
  4. Eat your dinner early - Get information about the restaurants at your area to find out which ones offer lunch at extended hours? You can plan your friends' get-together at such a place and have your dinner early. By doing so, you can have your dinner at relatively low price since the price of lunch menu are usually cheaper. Moreover, after dinner, all of you can also enjoy a dessert at your favorite place a little later.
  5. Become a regular customer at your favorite restaurant - Several restaurants offer freebies if you become a regular customer. It is true that you will want to dine at new places but, if you regularly dine out, then it is better to become a regular customer at your favorite restaurant.
  6. Check out whether or not it is a BYOB restaurant - The BYOB restaurants let you bring you your own wine or beer and have only the entrée. Even if you have to pay a nominal charge (about $10 for a beer bottle), it is always cheaper than ordering the beer or wine from that restaurant. And, alcohol is always cheaper at local bars or retail stores as compared to having that same beverage at a restaurant.   

Do you know that you can earn cash back by spending some minutes? Yes, it is absolutely true. The restaurants usually offer about 5% to 15% cash back when you eat out if you've signed up and completed a survey regarding your experience at the restaurant. So, share your feedback and enjoy your meals at a discount rate on your next visit.


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