7 Practical tips to help you save money to make your budget plan successful

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 19th Nov,2012

Here are some practical tips to save money and make your budget plan a successful one.
7 Practical tips to help you save money to make your budget plan successful

Do you always wonder where you money have gone at the end of every month? Are you not left with a significant dollar amount after paying the bills and meeting your daily necessities? If yes, then you might have to revisit your budget plan and make a realistic one, and also try to find out where you are spending more. Here are some practical tips to save money and make your budget plan a successful one.


  1. Plan a well-written budget - In most cases, the failure of a budget plan is because it's not a well-written one. Cleary allocate a dollar amount for each item you want to spend and try to stick to it. If you spend on an item more than what you had allocated, try to cut back on a different item in order to save the amount you had thought of at the beginning of the month.
  2. Try to shop when items are put on sale - It is a rewarding habit to buy items (which you don't require immediately) when they're put up on sale. At the beginning of a new year, write down the gifts you need to buy throughout the year and try to buy them at the time of clearance sales.
  3. Utilize rewards programs and discount coupons - Try to obtain a card with rewards program so that you can earn points every time you shop with that card. You can redeem the points later for discounts or freebies. It is also a rewarding habit to comparison shop before you buy an item, especially if it's an expensive one. Also look for promotional offers and deals before you shop for anything - right from reserving a hotel room to ordering a meal.
  4. Be careful to not use credit cards much - Do not use plastic money to buy each and every item. By buying through your debit card or paying by cash, you can save yourself from getting into debt and paying interest on your outstanding dues. It is a great habit to swipe credit cards for an amount which you'll be able to pay fully at the end of the billing cycle.
  5. Set reminders to pay bills on time - Why will you pay extra on late fees? Instead, set reminders so that you don't forget the due dates of your bill payments. By paying your bills on time, you can have positive items in your credit report and work your way for a good credit score. 
  6. Make a list before visiting a grocery store - Always make a list before visiting a grocery store. In this way, you'll be able to avoid impulse shopping. All you have to follow is never buy anything which is not in your list. It is better to plan your meals ahead so that you know exactly what you need to purchase.
  7. Cook at home instead of eating out frequently - Cooking at home more is a healthy alternative to eating out, and saving money is a by-product of this habit. Restrict eating out to once or twice a week or eat out when you want to celebrate an occasion, like a birthday or an anniversary.

     One of the best ways to save a significant amount is to do basic repairs yourself instead of hiring someone for the work. Apart from saving money, it is exciting to paint the walls with the help of your family members in a weekend or fix up the newly bought furniture by going through the instruction guide. It always feels great to set up a home all by yourself and saving significant dollars which you can keep for emergency or spend later where you want to. 


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