7 Steps which will lead to financial success you are dreaming of

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 28th Dec,2012

So, the steps you take today will be responsible for your financial situation a few years later.
7 Steps which will lead to financial success you are dreaming of

Every person is responsible for his/her own actions and building a financial future is not an exception. So, the steps you take today will be responsible for your financial situation a few years later. Therefore, make every decision with care so that you are able to build a secured financial future you are dreaming of. Here are 7 required steps to get financial success in future.


  1. Be responsible for what you are doing - Regardless of whether you are studying or just started your job-life, you are accountable for your actions. So, ask yourself some questions like, are you doing enough research before buying a high-price item, how you are paying your monthly bills, etc. Do not hesitate to take help from experienced persons if required.
  2. Have a clear understanding regarding your income - You should know what your actual income is, for example, the money you are offered by an organization may not be your entire amount; there is certain amount of tax deduction and you also have to pay your insurance premiums from that amount. So, calculate how much amount you actually have to plan your course of financial actions.
  3. Plan your way to financial success - Good planning is the first and foremost step you need to take as soon as you get a clear picture regarding how much money you have each month. You should be realistic while planning your course of action and always write them down so that you can review it from time to time.
  4. Plan a realistic budget - You need to devote time to create a realistic and effective budget. The primary idea behind planning a budget is to create a good spending plan so that you have enough money at the end of each month to invest for a good return in future.
  5. Open a savings and checking account - If you don't have one, it is high time you open a checking and a savings account. You should write checks from the checking account and the paper trail will help you realize how much money you actually have in your account; whereas, a savings account will take care of the rainy days. It is better to have a savings account, with compound interest, will make your money grow.
  6. Understand your credit report & score - Your credit report and score play an important role in determining your financial future. If you have a good score, it will help you take out loans at suitable terms and conditions and you can save money which otherwise you would have to spend on high interest rates. Therefore, always review your reports regularly, take necessary actions if required and try to build a good credit score.
  7. Protect yourself from identity theft - Nowadays, following the above steps are not enough if you become a victim of identity theft. So, protect your financial identity from the imposters by creating PIN which is hard to guess. Also, do not reveal your SSN to everyone and be careful while using ATM or online transactions so that no one gets to know your passwords.

Most importantly, use your credit cards wisely. Not doing so can be the enough reason for financial disaster and you might land up into overburdened debt. So, you should be well aware of the consequences of the credit cards if you do not repay the bills on time. And, always read the terms and conditions on each and every card so that you are well aware of it. This will help you manage your credit cards well and develop a good score, which will in turn help you in building a good financial future.

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