7 Tips to throw a Christmas bash in your office on a budget

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By: Good Nelly
on 8th Dec,2011

On the other hand, a mismanaged party can just ruin the festive mood of your colleagues.
7 Tips to throw a Christmas bash in your office on a budget

Organizing an office Christmas party on a shoe-string budget can be a daunting task. You'll have to keep your boss happy by organizing a fabulous Christmas without draining the funds of the company. On the other hand, a mismanaged party can just ruin the festive mood of your colleagues. Besides, your own reputation and efficiency will be at stake. In short, you face a triple challenge.

A corporate or an office Christmas party can be organized within a budget. If you can throw a bash at your home within a limited budget, then organizing an office Christmas party will not be a big deal. Proper planning and a little co-operation from your colleagues can make the party a successful event.

Read along to get acquainted with some tips that may help you organize a successful office Christmas party in this year.
Tips to organize an office Christmas party on a budget

Here are some smart tips that will help you throw a great Christmas bash at your office, and make your boss and colleagues happy.

1. Utilize all the resources: You don't need to book a grand venue for hosting the party. Have a good look at your office and find out if the party can be organized at the terrace or some other place. You can create a party ambience by decorating the terrace or any room with streamers, balloons, bells, Christmas tree, etc. This may help you in throwing the bash at a minimum cost. 

2. Believe in the team effort: The secret recipe of a successful Christmas party is not money. It is the people who will make the party enjoyable. So, involve all your colleagues in making arrangements for the party. Make them feel that it is their party. Ask them what they want to do in the party. Instead of spending money on the useless items, take some time out and get to know about the wish list of your colleagues. Use funds to purchase things that will make your colleagues happy.

3. Calculate the number of guests: If you are inviting some clients at the party, then make sure you send the invitations 1 month earlier than the scheduled date. Call the invitees and confirm about the guests who will be joining the party. Calculate the exact number of guests and order foods accordingly. You can't afford to waste money or food for the sake of your office or your reputation.

4. Bargain with the suppliers: Shop around and compare the quotes before narrowing down on a supplier. This is because suppliers may demand a mammoth amount for supplying the foods and refreshments. Negotiate with the suppliers and find out who are offering the best deals. Inform the suppliers that they may get contracts in the future by giving heavy discounts on the goods.

5. Ask your senior to give time off: Request your boss to give some time off to the employees. All the employees will be tired after drinking and dancing at the party. Once your colleagues know that they don't have to come to office on the morning after the party, they will be more than happy to overlook at any problem that may arise in the party.

6. Make proper arrangements: It may become quite difficult for you to look after all the areas single handedly. After all, you have a job to do and a family to look after. Divide the responsibilities of booking the caterer and venue amongst your colleagues. Other than that, ensure that there is no shortage of food and refreshments. Ensure that there are water bottles on each and every table. This may help you increase the chances of less alcohol consumption. You can save money on the wines and drinks.  

7. Go out for lunch: If the caterer is demanding too much money or is simply booked on the scheduled date, then you can take all the employees to a nearby restaurant for lunch. There is no hard and fast rule that you'll have to organize a dinner party only. All the employees can have a good meal at a restaurant and work in the office quite happily.

The aforementioned tips can help you organize a fantastic Christmas party and bring all the workers together under the same roof. Keep in mind that a single mistake can ruin your reputation or jeopardize your credibility in the office. So, calculate the amount you can spend on the party and plan accordingly.

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