7 Top budgeting tips for Christmas

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By: Anna Sweeting
on 22nd Dec,2011

Christmas can be best described as a time for giving, a time for getting and also a time for forgiving and a time for forgetting.
7 Top budgeting tips for Christmas

Christmas can be best described as a time for giving, a time for getting and also a time for forgiving and a time for forgetting.  However, after saying all this, we all will agree to the fact that if we don't plan carefully and correctly, the happiness of Christmas presents can soon turn into a disaster.

Here are some of the top Christmas budgeting tips which will help you:

1. Prepare a budget before shopping: It is very important to know how much you will be able to spend on gifts this Christmas. In order to know the amount you can afford, you need to prepare a budget for yourself. Unless you prepare the budget, you shouldn't start searching for gifts online. 

2. Create a list of items you want to buy: Make a list of people as well as the items you want to buy for them. You should review it and you may find that giving a second thought has helped you to cut the list in half! If your budget permits, you may later on think about those whom you've removed from the list. 

3. Shop around before you start buying gifts: Whether you're shopping online or offline, it is always a great idea to shop around before actually buying the gifts. You might get better deals in other websites or shops.

4. Online shopping: In this festive season, you can try out online shopping. This will help you in saving money on fuel, parking as well as eating out.  Also, when you shop online, you will find that you will get free shipping of your products.

5. Cash payments for items you buy: Rather than paying for the purchased items using your credit card, go for cash payments. This will help you save money as you will find it harder to give away your cash for unnecessary items. Also, you won't incur credit card debts which will stare at your face after the festive season gets over.

6. Avoid branded items: It is not necessary to go for branded items when you're thinking of buying gifts or even buying for yourself. A scarf made of same material may cost you 5 times more if you buy it from a branded shop. So, it's better to shop from normal stores and save money. 

7. Buy group gifts: If you are buying gifts for your friend's children, go for group gifts. Suppose, he/she has two kids, then you can buy a single board game for both of them which they will enjoy playing together. This will not only saveyour money but will also bond those kids together. 

Hope this helps you while you start shopping for the gifts which you want to give to your near and dear ones.

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