8 Tips to cut out your wedding expenses smartly

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By: ruthgibson
on 26th Jul,2013

Wedding days can be one of the most expensive days and you might just regret later spending so much on a single day affair.
8 Tips to cut out your wedding expenses smartly

Wedding days can be one of the most expensive days and you might just regret later spending so much on a single day affair. You can use the money on endeavors that can make your future safe. Saving money on your wedding doesn’t really mean you’ve to skimp on style. Creativity and imagination can make your wedding look far more gorgeous, than by just spending on traditional wedding. If your wedding is out of control monetarily, you won’t be able to remember your marriage as a happy affair. You may have mixed emotions about the memories about the day which is supposed to be the best day of your life.

It’s really important to make few important decisions while planning a budget wedding. You need to have a fixed cost that you’re going to spend for the wedding and divide it amongst all the necessary arrangements required. You should not actually focus on making your wedding luxurious with a small budget, it might just end up looking incomplete. It’s, rather, important to think out of the box. You shouldn’t think of a typical wedding which includes a ceremony, a sit down dinner, music and a reception. Instead of doing all theses things at a smaller cost, you should think of different ways by which you can make your day memorable and happy. You can follow the tips mentioned below to turn your best day into the most memorable one:

1. Guest list

The most important way to curtail your budget is by marking down your guest list. Most of your expenses like reception hall, catering, decoration, etc. are going to depend on how many are attending your wedding.

Cut down a lot of distant relatives and cousins who you haven’t met ever. Most probably they are also not interested in attending your wedding. Invite people who are close to your heart. This will make your wedding a very intimate and memorable day. By doing this, you can also avoid the confusion of attending 300 guests.

2. Wedding deals for particular dates

There are few online services like Bride Rush, which offers discount on specific wedding dates. Theses sites answers all your search and enquiry related questions and plan your wedding with a possible discount of 30 percent to 70 percent. These are the best options if you want to save time and money simultaneously.

3. Reception

Reception is the most expensive amongst your wedding spendings. You should avoid getting married on traditional and expensive Saturday, and choose Friday or Sunday instead. You can actually plan your honeymoon with the amount normally spent at reception parties. Location should be well thought of and you should avoid opting for traditional venues. You can consider non traditional venues like gardens or beaches that will cost way much lesser.

4. Traditional dinner

A full traditional wedding dinner is way too expensive. You must avoid it by opting a daytime affair or a cocktail party. You can also plan for a buffet with pasta, chicken or seasonal food and avoid beef. This will also help you save the extra waiter expense. You are likely to hear some guests complain but ultimately it’s your wedding and you are saving an enormous sum.

5. Alcohol

You can do cost cutting in alcohol by serving just two or three types of wine and beer only. You can buy it in bulk which will obviously be cheaper and can serve that, or you can also serve a signature cocktail and champagne punch. It’s advisable to avoid an open bar at all. Keep plenty of non alcoholic beverages also.

6.  Music

You must be owning a music player and speakers. You can just make a cd with songs that you want to play in your wedding. You can also save songs suiting to different portions of your wedding like pre ceremony, ceremony, cocktail hour, special dances, dancing, etc. Just hand over the control to someone, either your friend or a sibling. This is surely going to save you charges of appointing a DJ.

7. Wedding dress

You must also be dreaming of the same thing that most girls have all their life, which is of wearing a gorgeous gown on your wedding day and look like a princess. Well, the reality is it’s not possible to get bridal designer wear without spending a stupendous amount which is charged by speciality bridal salons. According to WeddingStats.org, an average wedding dress can cost roughly $1,100. If you want to save that money, you really need to think innovative. You can get beautiful designer wedding gowns at a much lower price on eBay, Craigslist or second hand stores. They sell the same gowns at a much lower price than the designer stores. You can even sell back your dress if you want. You can also consider wearing your mother’s wedding dress after making few alterations.

8. Extras

There are a lot of things that can be done just before your wedding which you might think is a compulsion. Question yourself if an aromatherapy massage, spa or expensive bachelors party are more important than couple counseling or kind of financial planning. You can invest for future endeavors with that money.

There are a lot of people who will crib, complain and gossip about your wedding if you wish to save your money and think out of the box, but, they might just do the same thing if you do everything traditionally. People around can take out faults in anything and everything. Therefore, it’s important to do what you think is correct. You get married spending all you have or by budgeting it out, your spouse and your affection will not change. You might have a safe and secure financial future though, if you plan your wedding carefully.


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