An Easy Process to Insure Your Retired Life

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By: Jonathanjames234
on 30th May,2012

Every individual wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement. One has the right to keep his or her head high and walk proudly.
An Easy Process to Insure Your Retired Life

Every individual wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle after retirement. One has the right to keep his or her head high and walk proudly. After your retirement, do you want to be a burden to your family or to share in the family expenses? Annuities are income from an investment after retirement. If you make an investment at an early age you make a profit out of it after you retire throughout your life. You need not have to depend on your family members. You can rather meet your own expenses and contribute some amount of money to the family. You can fulfill your aspiration of purchasing a brand new car or a house. You can also buy gifts for your grandchildren and bring smile on their faces.

Annuities are of different types. A tax deferred annuity is a wonderful insurance policy paid by the insurance companies. It is a one-time premium payment and the interest is accrued over a number of years. As soon as the policy matures, you get the payment annually including the interest. During that time income tax is levied on it and people purchasing deferred annuities can easily decrease their expenditure on tax, thereby making profits on a long term basis. The investment also involves low risk.

Why is a deferred annuity so important and valuable?
The most important aspect of a deferred annuity is its rates of interest when you compare with the various annuity policies. The security and safety of the company with which you maintain the business is also significant. Insurance companies providing such annuities also reduce your life risk and pay out contracts on a long term basis.

Important features of a tax deferred annuity
Most importantly what you get with a tax deferred annuity is the independence to choose the period when you want to receive the amount. The tax is also not levied on the accumulating income. The tax is only charged when you withdraw the amount of money that is desirable. The customer can also look over the agreement for a specific period of time and then can cancel the contract according to his wishes without paying any penalties. In case of an emergency you can withdraw the money from the insurance company.

The tax which is deferred on an annuity is very valuable in an environment where there has always been a rise of tax. The insurance company allows you tax deferral on the money that is accumulated throughout your life. The death benefit is also not subject to federal income taxes.

Deferred annuities to pay off debts
If you have taken multiple loans before retirement and cannot pay off the money to your money lenders, then annuities are the best option to help you out. Since you can withdraw the money in any emergency, you can easily pay off your debts. You get payments in monthly payments, as a result of which you can pay off the money in monthly installments. Thus, you can save yourself from collection harassment and secure your retired life.

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