Be financially wealthy and healthy with 6 tips in 2013

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By: Good Nelly
on 27th Dec,2012

The Mayan prophecy has been proved incorrect. The much talked about 'doomsday' never arrived. 2013 is on its way.
Be financially wealthy and healthy with 6 tips in 2013

The Mayan prophecy has been proved incorrect. The much talked about 'doomsday' never arrived. 2013 is on its way. Though the number is hardly considered as lucky yet the new year can be rocking time for you - at least financially. All you need to do is follow some smart financial tips.

Here are the 6 tips that can help you to be financially healthy and wealthy in the year 2013.

1. Donate your money to charitable organizations: If everything goes well, then Obama government will increase the tax rates in 2013. So, making contribution to charitable organizations has become all the more important now. Donate to charitable organizations in the next year. This will help you get the blessing of hapless people and boost your savings in the long run. 

2. Watch out for the opportunities to save on ATM fees: If you've gone to a distant place where there is no bank, then purchase some useful items from a supermarket through a debit card. Some supermarkets give cash back on the purchases made by using debit cards. You can get back as much $250 cash back, which is great.

3. Keep an eye only on what you have and use it: Find out what you have in your house. Check the storeroom of your house at least once a week. Use the ingredients to cook lunch or dinner. You may be surprised to find out a fantastic item in your storeroom with which you can prepare sumptuous dinner. You'll save money on expensive dine outs.

4. Get set to bargain with the customer representatives: Contact the customer care representatives to reduce your expenses in 2013. Contact the customer care officer of the credit card company and ask for a better rate. Get in touch with the customer official of the phone company and request for better plans.  Try to get a better deal.

5. Arrange an auction at your home: Scan your basement for the old stuffs. Gather all the things and arrange an auction at your home. This can be a good way to get rid of stale goods while increasing your savings at the same time. Who knows, perhaps you can fetch a good price for your old electronic device or old bicycle. You might not have ever imagined about it.

6.  Make a will to look secure your family's life: It is said that one in 8 individuals who are in their 40s will pass away before they become 65. You should think what might occur to your family members when you're not there anymore. One has to spend nearly $250,000 to look after a child for 18 years. The cost of education has also increased. Create a will so that your family members don't have to suffer after you have passed away.

People make so many financial resolutions before the beginning of a new year. It is most likely that you'll also make a financial resolution before the dawn of 1st January 2013. Be hard on yourself and make sure you keep your resolutions. If you or your family members break even one resolution, then charge one dollar. Don't shout, scream or yell at anybody. Instead, utilize the money to achieve a financial goal. 

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