Best laid plans to keep your job after you have crossed 50

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By: Good Nelly
on 19th Jan,2012

Are you a workaholic or do you need to continue your job even after crossing 50? If yes, then you have plenty of reasons to be cautious.
Best laid plans to keep your job after you have crossed 50

Are you a workaholic or do you need to continue your job even after crossing 50? If yes, then you have plenty of reasons to be cautious. Nearly 15% of the unemployed people in the country are over 55. You'll be shocked to know that nearly 45% of the workers, unemployed for more than 1 year, belong to the age group of 50.

The employers prefer to work with the young workers and there is nothing wrong in it. They employers can fire old workers if they are not productive or valuable to the company. They want people who are sharp, active and productive. If you're a 50 year old man who is not net or tech-savvy, then it will be quite difficult for you to compete with the young workers.

An effective way to preserve your job will be to use your work experience and knowledge competently. However, only experience can't save your job. In today's age, anyone can get to know about the trade tricks from Internet. You'll have to maintain your performance and leverage the powers of technology. Read along to know how you can protect your job even after crossing 50.  

How to keep your cherished job in your middle age 

It is said that employees can't be physically and mentally active after crossing 50. The productivity of the employees decreases as they reach middle age. If you're approaching 50 and don't want to see your name in the layoff list, then you need to stay in the good book of your boss. You can do so in the following ways: 

1. Volunteer to work during weekends: If your department is working on a project with a deadline, then volunteer to work during the weekends. Your boss will appreciate the fact that you want to devote your free hours towards the project. This may increase your value in the eye of the boss. Keep in mind that if your value in the eye of the boss increases, then it will strengthen your place in the company.

2. Motivate yourself to work sincerely: Motivate yourself to give your best shot to the ongoing projects. Think that if you can perform well, then you'll get good incentive. Think that you'll get promotion if your employer is happy with your work. The trick is to avoid gossiping with the co-workers and work sincerely throughout the day. 

3. Acquire new skills: You need to upgrade your skill from time to time. Take steps to acquire new skills if you really wish to keep your job. Don't fret and express your anguish to learn new skills. Your boss and co-workers may look down upon you. They may think that you're lethargic. They will think that you have no intention to learn new things.

If you don't know something, then take steps to learn about them. You can ask your colleague to teach you some new skills or else you can read some books. You can even take advantage of the online courses if time does not permit you to visit a professional institute.

If your employer refuses to pay for the educational courses, then don't hesitate to pay from your own pocket. Devote some hours from your weekends to learn new things. Your family will not mind if you spend some time for enhancing your skills. After all, you're taking so trouble for the welfare of the family only.  

4. Become tech-savvy: Gone are the days of pen and paper. In today's age, everything is done online. Technology has taken a firm place in the world. The sooner you accept this fact, the better for you. Be proficient with technology, and do your job competently. If children can take advantage of technology, then so can you. You can ask your children to teach you how to operate software. If you face any problem, then you can enroll into a professional course. Remember, life is a learning process. There is no age limit for learning. 
Sometimes, employers make decisions which are against the employees. Don't become hyper and start abusing your boss in front of your co-workers. Don't create negative environment in the company. Employers don't like to keep a worker who spreads negativity in the department.

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