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By: anonymous
on 27th Nov,2013

You should be ready that the lender will tell you only about the benefits of the deal but will tell nothing about its drawbacks.
Canada Payday Loans

Important Point To Keep in Mind Before Applying for A Loan

It happens quite often when our wants and needs don’t accord to our financial resources. And in such situations lots of consumers see taking out a loan as a way-out. But making a debt can’t be taken lightly and it’s necessary to consider different factors before borrowing money. Furthermore, today’s market of lending services offers customers absolutely different kinds of loans. On one hand it’s good to have a wide choice and to be able to find the most suitable option. But on the other hand, it’s much easier to make a mistake because of this variety of loans and financial services. Here are some points it’s necessary to consider before applying to a lender.

Loan Interest Rate

Basically, it’s the first thing you should pay attention to before starting considering one or another offer. Don’t be lazy to do math and count how much a loan will really cost to you. Keep in mind that lenders are interested to sell their products and services and that’s why it’s not worth trust them blindly. You should be ready that the lender will tell you only about the benefits of the deal but will tell nothing about its drawbacks. For example, monthly interest rate may seem quite low and affordable for you but if you’ll count you’ll find out that annual interest rate is extremely high and the loan isn’t affordable for you so it’s necessary to try to find the better offer. 

Time Frames

Another thing to consider is a loan term. But it’s very important to be realistic about your income and financial means. Short-term loans like bad credit payday loans at NorthenLoans in Canada usually have high interest rates but they also have its benefits. For example, you will be able to get out of debt quickly and will not be burden with long term financial commitment. But it makes sense to take out quick and short-term loan only in case you need to borrow relatively small amount of money and will be able to pay it back quickly. If you are going to make serious and big purchase, for example, to buy a home or a house, then it’s better consider a loan with long repayment term. It will be easier to make monthly payments because interest rates on such loans are usually low enough if the borrower has a good credit score.

Secured or Unsecured?

In other words, loan interest rate shows the level of risk the lender takes while lending money to the consumer. And if consumer will be ready to provide any collateral then loan interest rate will be lower because the lender will take lower risk. In this case the loan will be secured against consumer’s property and if the borrower will fail to repay then the lender will be able to appropriate it and get some money back. The main advantage of such loans is usually low interest rate. But if you will not pay the loan back then you can use your property. When you apply for an unsecured loan, there’s no need to provide any collateral. But in most of occasions interest rates are high enough because providers of these services take higher risks. Anyway, never make important financial decisions in a hurry. Take your time, consider pros and cons of every deal you can get and do your best to make the right choice.

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