Combat with the excessively high bills with full vigor and save money

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By: Good Nelly
on 12th Apr,2012

So, the only option is to stick to your old car. Change the break pads and timing belts at regular intervals.
Combat with the excessively high bills with full vigor and save money

Are you receiving very high bills every month? Is the
electricity bill rising with the every passing month? Well, it would be high
surprising when your family members are adding new electrical devices in the
household every month or using costly health check ups at various times.

Millions of consumers are getting ‘bill shock' every month.
The intensity of the shock is quite high because of the lack of general awareness.
However, thanks to the tech people of the country, new applications or tools
are making it easy to keep a tab on the utility expenditures and other
associated expenses. One can also go through the various websites to make a
detailed comparison between the various services.

Read along to know about various tips to save money on
different kinds of services.

Tricks to save on
your bills  

An important reason behind the lack of sufficient funds in
the savings account of the people is the high utility bills. People end up
spending a sizeable amount in paying various bills. Some people are even
compelled to resort to payday loans for paying the bills.

 If you're one of those consumers who are looking for the
ways to save money on the monthly utility bills, then go through the following
lines. The below mentioned tricks will reduce the utility bills to a great

 1. Encourage your
kids to play free online games:
Does your kid love to spend the whole day
in playing online games? Does your kid love to solve the puzzles or play the
popular car games for hours? If yes, then encourage your kid to play games in the
websites where you don't have to pay a penny. This way both you and your kid
will be happy.

 2. Take special care
of your good old car:
It will cost you a lot of money to purchase a new
car. So, the only option is to stick to your old car. However, there are
certain disadvantages of keeping an old car too. For example: the car needs
repair every now and then, the price of the car depreciates with time, the
repair cost is quite expensive, etc.

The best way to reduce expenses on an old car is by taking a
good care of it. Change the break pads and timing belts at regular intervals.

If you need to make a huge repair, then it is better to get
a written estimation of the cost from the shops. These estimates may be around
10% higher than the actual bill, but not more. In addition, you can get
acquainted with the repair costs by going through various websites.

3. Seal your home to
make it energy efficient:
This trick will help you reduce your electricity
bill by at least 20%. Seal all the leaks in your home to preserve energy. The
air conditioner of your home will be able to bring down the temperature
quickly. This in turn will help you save on your utility bill.

You can even download applications in your smartphone to
track how much power is consumed. There are even calculators which can be used
to compute the amount of electricity consumed in each room.

You can even arrange a fixed monthly payment plan with the
power company. The monthly payment amount will be decided on the basis of your
yearly bill amount.  

 4. Get acquainted
with your mobile plan:
You may love to chat with your girl friend for
hours. You may have the habit of sending text messages to your friends after
every few hours. However, have you ever thought these things can shoot your
cell phone bill? Different mobile service providers charge different fees on a
600 minute talk plan.

Take out a print out of your cell phone bill and know how
much the mobile service provider is charging you for chatting with your family
members. You can even download various applications in your cell phone for
tracking the mobile usage.

Find out if the current plan is suitable for you. Choose a
plan that will be economical and yet useful for you.

Medical bills for the human beings are sky high. The
veterinary bills are no exception. The medical cost for surgeries has also
increased. Don't over feed your pet. Try to keep the weight of the pet
balanced. Remember, the biggest threat to the pet is obesity. If your pet is
over-weight, then it can succumb to heart attacks very easily.

Take your pet to regular health check ups. However, if you
love your feline friend dearly, then do purchase pet insurance policy. This
will help you cover the expensive medical bills easily.

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