Financial tips you learn from the blockbuster romantic movies

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By: Good Nelly
on 16th Feb,2012

Movies are for entertainment. At least this is the popular notion.
Financial tips you learn from the blockbuster romantic movies

Movies are for entertainment. At least this is the popular notion. However, there are some popular romantic movies which capture your heart and mind with powerful financial and romantic messages. These movies depict the dangers of mingling love with money. The fictional characters keep you glued to the big screen through punching dialogues, clever screen play, captivating story lines, superb performances and powerful social, financial and romantic messages.

Read along to know about 4 blockbuster Hollywood romantic movies which convey financial tips or messages to the audience.  

Romantic movies that offer financial tips in an entertaining way

People watch romantic movies for getting entertained. They love to watch the leading actors get romantically involved, and live happily ever after. However, there are certain movies that offer financial tips through the love stories. Here are 4 such movies which you have probably watched and received financial messages unconsciously.

1. Casablanca - Rick and llsa are estranged lovers who meet during wartime. The girl is facing a problem and needs the boy's help. She needs some papers for taking out her husband from Europe. The boy helps the girl, asks her to flee with her husband, and insists to give more importance to safety than love.

Rick is a practical boy who has the ability to see the larger picture. Rick loves the girl but never looses the objectivity. He does not co-sign on the loan or credit cards. At the end of the movie, he surely loses the lady but not money.

Financial tip - Don't involve your emotion in the financial matters. Think rationally and never lose objectivity while making financial decisions.

2. When Harry met Sally - This is undoubtedly one of the most popular romantic movies that have come across the celluloid. In this movie, the boy and the girl are great friends. They cherish their friendship and don't allow romantic feelings or anything else to ruin it. Both of them have soft corners for each other, but they never come clear about it in fear of losing their friendship. They take the final plunge towards the end of the movie and get married.

The boy and the girl try to sort out the differences after coming together. They try to bridge the differences between them and lead a happy marital life.

Financial tip - Take the right steps at the right time. Have patience and don't lose patience over your partner. Realize that your partner comes from a different family background. He/she comes from a different cultural and financial background. So, your view of money might be different from your partner's. Work out the differences and try to find a solution to the problems. 

3. Pretty Woman - A working girl meets a business tycoon. The girl needs money to carry on with her life. The businessman wants a girl whom he can introduce as his current girlfriend. He wants her to accompany him in the parties and other places. In course of time, both of them fall in love with each other. 

This is a prefect Hollywood love story. The hero realizes at the end of the movie that he can't live without the girl. He buys a bouquet of flower and confesses his love for the girl.

Love is blind and this much is clear in the movie. If the hero really marries the girl, then he should make a pre-nuptial agreement from beforehand. There may be a happily ever after in the reel life, but the real life is completely different. Life is not easy. You can't lead life by making emotional decisions. You'll have to accept the hard-hitting facts and act accordingly.

Financial tip - Don't get emotionally overwhelmed and make wrong decisions in life. Draw up a pre-nuptial agreement before getting married to a person from different social and economic class.

4. Titanic - Love breaks the social and economic barrier when a boy from lower strata conquers the heart of a beautiful girl from old money. The boy gets a chance to travel in the biggest ship of the world by sheer luck. The boy falls in love with the girl during the trip, and dies due to an unfortunate shipwreck.

The girl and boy didn't get a scope to discuss about their love for gambling or ornaments during the voyage. It is difficult to say what would have happened if the hero survived the ship wreck. It can't be said if the girl's family would have welcomed the boy into the family. However, one thing is certainly sure. Both the boy and the girl would have needed to strike a financial balance for giving a chance to the relationship.  

Financial tip - Be open about your financial status. Discuss about your financial health and habits with your loved one. Set some common financial goals with your partner. Try to improve your financial situation if you wish the relationship to work.

It is a myth that movies are only for having a good time for 2-3 hours. There are some movies which educate you intentionally or unintentionally. All you need to do is keep your mind and eyes open. You'll be able to view the bigger picture. 

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