Grab the best deal on auto insurance for your children in Christmas

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By: Good Nelly
on 22nd Dec,2011

If such is the case, then be prepared to get a shock when you visit the office of the insurance company for discussing about the insurance premiums.
Grab the best deal on auto insurance for your children in Christmas

Is your son absolutely crazy for cars? Have you decided to gift a car to your son in this Christmas? If yes, then you and your son must be having serious discussions on the car models and prices. Once you have reached upon a conclusion about the car you're going to bring home for your son, start thinking about how to grab the best auto insurance deal.

Once your son gets his favorite car from you, he'll need to have an auto insurance policy. If your son is not working, then it is quite obvious that you'll have to pay the insurance premium. If such is the case, then be prepared to get a shock when you visit the office of the insurance company for discussing about the insurance premiums.

If your son is in his teens, then you may be asked to pay high premiums on auto insurance. Research shows that the accident rate of the teenagers is quite high. Naturally, the insurance companies impose high premium rates on the young drivers.

If you really want to purchase a vehicle and an auto insurance policy for your son, then start looking for the ways to get the best deal. After all, it is your financial health which will get affected at the end of the day.

Tips to grab the best auto insurance deal

The demand for cars and auto insurance policies is expected to remain high till the next summer. Here are some tips that may help you get a good auto insurance deal for your child.

1. Negotiate for discounts:
Don't hesitate to ask for discounts from your insurer. Some insurance companies offer good student discounts to the policyholders. If your son has scored 3.0 GPA in his examinations, then the insurer can offer around 15% discount on the auto insurance policy. Apart from that, if you have been the customer of the insurance company for a long period of time, then also you can get some discount.

Install some safety devices in the car. Ask your son to buy some good anti-theft devices for his car. This will not only stop the thieves from stealing the car, but also help to get low premium rate on the auto insurance.   

2. Call your insurer before buying a car:
Get in touch with your insurer and know about the premium rates charged on different car models. Don't go to the store and purchase any car which your son likes. Your insurer can tell you accurately about the difference between premiums for the new and old cars. You can also find out how much you'll have to pay on the premium for a particular car from your insurer.

Consider all the points and purchase a car on which you'll have to pay low premium. This will help you save a substantial amount on auto insurance.   

3. Look at all the factors: The car type, coverage amount, age of the driver, the track record of the driver (in most cases, the insured person), etc. affect your insurance premium rate. Other than that, location and the miles you drive in a year, also affects your premium rate. So, if your son intends to go for a long drive frequently, then you'll have to pay a high premium for that. However, if your son will use the car only for commuting to his college, then convey this information to the insurer. This may help you get low premium rate on the insurance policy.    

4. Get acquainted with the laws: Check out the insurance laws of your state before calling your insurer. Some states do have rigid insurance laws. For example: in a few states, the young drivers are forbidden to drive at night to minimize the accident rates. In some other states, young drivers are allowed to sit behind the wheel and drive only when there is a licensed driver (guardian or any adult) to accompany them. This thing continues for around 1 year, till the young driver get a proper license. 

Christmas is the time for party and fun. Your son will obviously like to show his new car to his friends and neighbors. Ask your son to not get overexcited while showing his driving skill to his friends. Tell him to drive his car responsibly in order to avoid meeting an unfortunate accident. Forbid him from driving his car after 9 pm as most accidents occur in the late nights. This may help you get good premium rates from the insurer.

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