How receipts can help you save significant dollars

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 9th Nov,2012

Go through this article to know how retaining receipts can save you significant dollars.
How receipts can help you save significant dollars

Do you have the habit of throwing the receipts after you have made a purchase? If yes, then it is high time you change your habit because you might be losing dollars due to this habit. You should keep your receipts for some days and especially if you've purchased an expensive item, like any electronic goods, then you should retain the receipt for long time; because you might need if that item needs a repair. Go through this article to know how retaining receipts can save you significant dollars. 

  • Can be eligible for a discount you missed - Sometimes it may happen that after you purchase an item and you go back home, and realize that you had forgotten to produce the coupon which entitles you to get a good amount of discount. However, if you have the receipt of the item purchased, you can produce the coupon at the shop to get the discount or store credit which you may use to purchase an item at discount rate later.
  • It is easier to get full refund - If you do not like the purchase you had made, then it is much easier to get a full refund from the store if you have the receipt with you. The process will be much smoother if you keep the receipt with you unless you're sure about the purchase.
  • Some merchants may do price adjustments - An item you purchase today may be offered on sale after a week. Do you know that in such a situation, a retailer may do a price adjustment by providing you credit of the discount amount and you need to use that within a specified time frame? So, retain the receipt of items for some days and return it to the store immediately after you see price drop of that item.
  • There might be some mistakes in the receipt - A cashier may make some mistake by scanning an item twice or failing to scan your discount coupon, but you can produce the receipt later to show that you were overcharged, and you can get a refund.
  • Proof of purchase for reimbursement - You, as an employee of an organization, might have to purchase items from time to time. And, you need to produce the receipts to the accounting department for the refund of the amount spent.

You might have experienced a cashier explaining you the advantages of doing a customer survey. It takes only a few minutes to complete a survey and in return you can get about $10-20 free money or 10-20% discount to spend on items of your favorite store. However, you need to provide information from your receipt while completing the online survey. So, retain the receipt(s), complete the survey and save dollars on your next purchase.

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