How to Save Money at Your Work Station?

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By: Sofiya
on 30th Oct,2013

This title may sound too odd to you. We earn money by doing work to make our living.
How to Save Money at Your Work Station?

This title may sound too odd to you. We earn money by doing work to make our living. What is there for us to save at the work? I know your brain is asking the same question now. The current article focuses on explaining different expenses we encounter in the process of working in the office and how to save money in those expenses. Most of the expenses that we make in the work goes ignored by many but, it is very important to focus on them if your attention is to save money. Though you work to earn money, you have to spend some money to earn money.

The expenses like coffee, lunch at office, fuel consumption, clothing, office supplies and many more falls under work costs. All these expenses are important and mandate for smooth flow of the work. Though you encounter these expenses everyday as a process of completing the work, you ignore these expenses thinking that they are mandate. Fallowing these tips will help you save good sum of money in these expenses throughout the year.


Car pooling

This is in fact the expense that you encounter at your work. You need to travel to the office regularly to complete the task assigned by the boss. Rather than spending a portion of your salary on fuel expenses to reach the work station, talk to your colleagues and know about the area which they live, planning for car pooling will save money to your wallet.



As both of the partners in the home work to make their living, they plan to have the lunch at the office due to lack of time. The meal purchased outside would cost more. To avoid this extra expense that you encounter every month, plan to prepare the lunch at home and bring it work place. Help your partner in preparing the lunch. Brining the lunch to work every day saves money apart from giving good homemade food o your taste buds.


Avoid printing

If you can avoid printing the papers for sharing between the departments, a lot of money will be saved in purchasing office stationary. Prefer to share the document between the various departments of the office through Google docs. If taking print is unavoidable, use recyclable paper so that you save good money on office stationary, apart from that you will also act responsibility in standing against current environmental pollution.


Employee discounts

When it is unavoidable to plan your lunch outside in office restaurants, make sure to check if the employee discounts are available at that restaurant. Most the restaurants and coffee shops neighbouring corporate companies offer discount for the employees because they form large base of their repeated customers. If you realise that employees of your company don’t have discount in place and most of the employees in the office favours the place, you can talk to the mangers of the company and shop owners to arrange some special discount for employees at your office.


Office supplies  

Whether you are running a big or small office, you need office stationary throughout the year. Purchasing them in bulk at beginning of the school year will save good sum of money. Many stores offer huge discount on the items like paper, pencils, pens, notebooks, sticky notes, calculators and other supplies at this point of time. You will get good stuff at the stationary stores for minimal prices.



Clothes are another big expense that you face at your workstation. As a part of your job responsibilities, you may have to prefer formals or casuals depending on the need. Don’t always go for brand. You can sometimes visit thrift stores to find if you get the clothes you want. As the clothes are available for cheap price in these stores, you will save good sum.

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