How to Save Money on Buying Used Cars?

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By: Sofiya
on 5th Feb,2014

Car has become one of the important basic requirements in the life today.
How to Save Money on Buying Used Cars?

Car has become one of the important basic requirements in the life today. We need to travel from the home to workstation every day to earn money and car is required for this to make our journey comfortable. Not everybody who needs the car can buy one for them because they are expensive. When you want to buy a car but don’t spend such huge amount towards it, you will look for seconds, i.e used car. Buying an used car will save you lot of money without compromising on the comfort of having the car. If you want to still save the money in owning the car, the tips on how to save money on buying used car are must for you.


In this modern technology there is no problem in buying used cars. Unlike past, used cars can stay for long time. By buying a used car today, you will get more car for your money.


Understand your needs

Before you shop around the market to buy an used car, you should understand the purpose for which you are buying the car. Select the size and type of the car accordingly. Don’t just buy a car by getting tempted with its price tag. Getting the car at low price is always good but, you have to consider your needs too. If you are planning to use the used car for family purpose, it is always better to choose mid-size car or large one rather than the compact model.


Loan term

There is no need for you to make a single down payment even if you are buying a used car. You can take the help of the loan. There are many financial institutions that offer loans to buy an used car but, you should keep the term of the loan very short to pay less interest. You will get the loan at good interest rates if you are government servant when compared to common public.



 Inspection of the car is very important when you buy used car. You have to make sure that the car is in good condition before purchasing. Rather than choosing the expensive used car inspections, get the car inspected by a friend who is a mechanic. This way, you can save a good sum of money on purchase of your used car.


Check for wear and tear items

Generally used cars have some worn out items like broken glass, exhausted tires, burnt bulbs. Check for all these items because they will cost you an additional amount on purchased price. If you find any wear and tear during your inspection, you can ask the dealer to kick of the price of the used car by few dollars compensating the damage.


Private party

Prefer to purchase the used car with private party rather than the dealer to escape the dealer charges quoted by him on the used car. Every dealer of the used car certain percentage of the amount as dealer price on the used car. You should buy the car at the dealer only when the age of car is not more than one or two years. These cars purchased through dealers will still have warranty on them. Apart from that, it will be certified as used car which implies that the car has undergone extensive multipoint check to make sure it is like new. Though you cannot escape from the dealership price on the used car, you will get more for the money you spend.

If you are buying an used car for your needs, make sure you follow all these steps to get the best deal at your budget price.

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