How to plan a beach wedding on a budget

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By: Joy Mali
on 8th Jul,2014

Many couples these days find themselves in a panic when planning for their wedding.
How to plan a beach wedding on a budget

Many couples these days find themselves in a panic when planning for their wedding. They are usually worried about not having enough time as well as money. Beach wedding is a good option to reduce expenses and the headache typically associated with the preparation of a conventional wedding. Not only is a beach wedding simpler to plan, but it is also more cost-effective and provides more fun for you, your spouse and your guests. So, if you are considering planning beach wedding, listed below are some tips on how to plan for it.

• Choose a perfect beach- Keep in mind that beaches are typically windy, so when on the search for a venue, make sure that you choose one where there is a cove or a certain area where it is protected from winds.

• Finalize your guest list- There are some beaches who allow small weddings without acquiring certain permits. However, regardless of the number of your guests, make sure that you check with the administration of the beach for certain requirements that may be needed from you.

• Find a local officiate that will conduct your wedding- It would be better if you find a local officiate that will conduct your wedding, since some of them may specialize in beach weddings and can offer you tips as well as cost-effective package deals. If you are looking for a way to have a beach wedding on a budget, then you can surely benefit from having a local officiate.

• Consider a sunset ceremony- If you are looking for a way to reduce your wedding expenses, consider a sunset ceremony, so you could simply serve wine, champagne and finger foods right after.

• Secure your venue with a canopy- Since you are going to hold your wedding outdoors, it is important to protect it from rain, to prevent anything from ruining your big day. Decorate your canopy with flowers and twines to avoid it from looking plain and boring.

• Always keep in mind the comfort of your guests- Provide comfortable seating for your guests especially the elders. If you are expecting some guests who have mobility impairments and who may find it difficult to walk in sand, make sure that you secure a platform for them.

• Prepare giveaways- Include in your wedding preparations the giveaways for your guests. These are important as they will serve as thank you gifts for your guests. You can decide to make giveaways that are in theme with your beach wedding. Make use of sea shells, sand and leis.

• Prepare your outfits- A huge part of the wedding budget goes to wedding outfits including wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, the groom’s and the groomsmen tuxedos. But if you decide on a wedding budget, you can reduce your clothing expenses. The bride can simply choose a light dress to wear as well as the bridesmaids while the groom may wear a thin but formal polo shirt. Sometimes everyone does not wear shoes either.

The good thing about having a beach wedding is that it provides a light atmosphere for everyone. Everyone can simply go in semi-formal attires and the ceremony is kept light and fun. Keep in mind though, that while beach weddings are a good way to minimize the time spent on preparations and reduce expenses, it is also important that you invest some time in planning one. Not all beaches are available, so if there is a certain venue that you wish to hold your wedding at, you needs to book in advance. In addition, monitor your three credit reports when planning your wedding. This will allow you to plan and decide on the venue, giveaways and clothing accordingly to your budget.

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