How to save yourself from being scammed

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By: pamelajace
on 25th Apr,2012

How to save yourself from being scammed


Are you well aware of the ways
you can be scammed? Do you know that there are various ways by which you can
lose money, which in turn, can be detrimental for your personal financial
situation? This article discusses some of the unique ways you can get scammed
and what you should do in order to avoid them.

  • Do not respond to phishing mails
    You might get mails from government organizations or banks asking you to give
    out certain details of your account. It can be your account password or credit
    card related information. At a first glance, it's not possible to detect
    whether or not they're mails from actual organizations as they have the company
    logo. If you get such an e-mail, do not click the link provided because the
    real organizations never ask your personal details through e-mails.
  • Work-at-home schemes may not be
    lucrative enough -
    What can be more lucrative than earning a good amount every
    month without stepping out of your home? There may be some good opportunities
    but beware from those which are too good to be true. Do not pay any fee to join
    such a work-at-home income opportunity.
  • Beware of ATM card scams - It is
    one of the most popular ways that the imposters use to steal your personal
    identity. What the fraudsters do is they attach a device, on an ATM, which is
    capable of capturing your information when you swipe your card. The imposters
    also put a small video camera that captures the PIN you type. They can use this
    information for their financial gain. To prevent this, do not swipe your card
    from a stand-alone ATM; use ATM that is attached to a bank. Along with this,
    put your hand on the slot and try to shake it - if it shakes, don't use the ATM
    and inform the bank immediately. Moreover, always type your PIN covering the
  • Do not sell items without
    receiving the total amount -
    Many a times imposters buy an item, which you're
    trying to sell, by giving you a check more than what the purchase price is.
    When you realize this and inform, the imposter asks you to send him/her back
    the difference amount, which you do. Afterwards, you find that the check is a
    fake one and you've already sold your item and also sent your money, too. To
    avoid this, either sell an item in exchange for cash or use PayPal service
    while dealing with buyers internationally.

There are very less number of
people who don't have identity in social networking websites. There is no harm
in having identities in social networking websites but it's advised to not
respond to mails from friends asking for money because they're stranded in
outside country and need money to come back home. You should first verify
whether or not the mail is actually sent to you by your friend. It might happen
that someone has hacked your friend's account and have sent you the mail. So,
beware and confirm before extending hand for help. By doing so, you can save
yourself from being scammed and losing money. 


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