How you can help others without hampering your budget

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 23rd Oct,2012

In the present times, it may be difficult for most people to donate to a charity even if they wish to do so.
How you can help others without hampering your budget

In the present times, it may be difficult for most people to donate to a charity even if they wish to do so. If you're one of them, you should know that you can donate to a charitable cause you want to support, without hampering your budget. Moreover, the IRS allows you to claim your charitable deductions up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. Go through the following lines to know how you can help others in need without hampering your personal financial situation. 


  • Donate your unused items - Every one of us has some unused items in the home which are kept at the attic, basement or store rooms, or simply thrown away. You can donate these items to them who're in need of it and make space in your house for new items. For example, instead of throwing away your old furniture, donate them to a charitable organization that accept tables, sofas, chairs, laps, etc. in order to help struggling families. Remember to get a receipt of the estimated value of your donated items to get tax deduction. Similarly, donate your children's unused toys, kid's gear and clothes to your local Goodwill Store or to The Salvation Army. You can also donate your old car to a qualifying charity and get tax deduction.
  • Select presents wisely to help others - You have to gift people during the festive seasons. Why not gift a ‘Good Card'? The recipient of this card can visit the website and donate the balance to any of the 1.2 million registered charities. Likewise, if you want to gift a toy, you can pick it up from a nonprofit gift store. You can also select such a gift online from the (The United States Fund for UNICEF) and can save the time and money to visit stores physically.  
  • Motivate others to make contributions - A number of employers provide cash grant on behalf of the employees who donate their time for a cause. Some of the employers also match the amount that the employees give to the charity. You can also raise funds through Facebook and Twitter and help the people in need. So, you can play your part to influence and motivate others to donate to a charitable organization.

Instead of donating to various charities, you can select one and donate large amount to make a difference. For example, you can donate $100 to a charity which you like instead of donating $20 to five charities. To choose a good charity, you can look online for a three or four-star rating, which spends more money on programs instead of using the money for administrative costs. You can save the cost of the charity to spend money in order to renew you, by setting up a recurring credit card donation amount. You can set up for as little as $10-20 per month, which you can easily contribute without hampering your budget. 

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