How you can make your appliances last longer

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By: MarieGarcia
on 13th Sep,2011

Read on to know how you can make your useful appliances last longer thus saving a considerable amount on their replacement.
How you can make your appliances last longer


Do you always blame your luck when any of your appliances stops working? If yes, then you should know that with proper care, you can make your appliances last much longer. Read on to know how you can make your useful appliances last longer thus saving a considerable amount on their replacement.


  • Clean the dust in the coil of your refrigerator - You need to keep the condenser coil of your refrigerator clean in order to reduce your electricity bill. This is because, the condenser coil, located at the back of your refrigerator, cannot work properly when dust gets accumulated on it. As a result, your appliance cannot work efficiently. So, make sure you clean the coil and always unplug it before doing so. It is best to vacuum clean the coils so that it functions well.
  • Do not put sharp objects in washing machine - If you don't have the habit of checking the pockets of your garments before putting them inside your washing machine, then unknowingly you're decreasing its efficiency. Often plastic and metallic objects can damage the drum in your washing machine and your clothes may wear out. Another thing you must be careful about is to not overload your washing machine. You may think that doing so you can save time and water but it may damage the motor. Along with this, check the fill hose of your machine at regular intervals and change it when required.
  • Clean your dishwasher at regular intervals - Do you know that you need to clean your dishwasher at regular intervals? Yes, it is true. When you open it, you may find that the top portion of the dishwasher has accumulated dirt and grease, which may affect the insulation. Clean it in order to prevent any leakage. Moreover, you should also clean the nozzles so as to remove clogging which is built up from leftover food particles.
  • Vacuum your dryer at times - If you think that your dryer is taking relatively longer time to dry clothes, then there are chances that the ventilation hose has get clogged. If this goes on, then it'll affect the efficency of the machine. So, even if the dryer is working properly, you should check it from time to time to prevent any such clogging and also vacuum your dryer once in fifteen days. Apart from making your appliance last longer, it'll also help save energy.

There are a number of other appliances which you need to use in your daily life. Make sure you clean them at regular intervals so that to ensure that the machine is working efficiently. One of the best ways to make an appliance last longer is to go through the instructions carefully once you install them for the first time. If required, when you buy it, clarify all your doubts regarding proper maintenance of machines and follow what the retailers tell you. Doing so, you can use the appliances without any trouble for a long time and in turn, save a substantial amount of money which otherwise would have been wasted in replacing the machines frequently.


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