How you can stay comfortably in a small home

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By: tiarajoseph11
on 13th Jul,2012

However, you can make it your dream home just by following certain tips, which are discussed below.
How you can stay comfortably in a small home

Do you think that your home or apartment is too small to live? In this economic condition, often it becomes difficult to afford a large home or a big apartment. However, you can make it your dream home just by following certain tips, which are discussed below.

  • Create innovative storage space - You have to be really innovative to change your small living space into a dream house. Instead of buying heavy furniture, look for lightweight furniture with storage space. For example, utilize the bottom part of your staircase to store and display items.
  • Keep things inside drawers - Sometimes it becomes easier if things are kept where they can be easily visible. However, in small apartments, keep everything inside. It's better to keep similar things in one drawer so that you don't have to search for them when in need.
  • Purchase light furniture - When doing up a small room, always look for light colored furniture to avoid the heavy look in your room. Often such furniture come with excellent storage space embedded within. For example, a chest of drawers is very useful in which you can store a lot of items. Similarly, have wall to wall and soffit height cupboards in the kitchen so that you can keep all your utensils and grocery in the kitchen itself. You can store your medicines in the kitchen, so that they are always handy.
  • Put mirrors in the wall - Mirrors in the wall can create a bigger look and give a new dimension to the room. Moreover, they are very easy to clean. You can put a decorative mirror in the wall, which can be the focal point of the living room, too.
  • Avoid clutter as much as possible - Sometimes, you need to store certain items which you may not require regularly. Such items include gardening tools, certain hardware - which you can easily store in one corner of your garage. Doing so, you can keep your house clean and clutter free. Similarly, do not keep your unpacked suitcase in the room after returning from a tour. Unpack as early as possible and put the suitcases inside.

 A small tip - Try to limit your purchased items. This doesn't mean that you won't buy items even if you can afford, but you need to plan every move. For example, put your grocery items in reusable containers instead of keeping them in the original packs. After removing the packs, throw them into the trash can. In this way, you can get rid of unnecessary clutter. Similarly, buy beauty products and toiletries which you love the most and purchase new ones when you've used the old ones completely. Even if you like experimenting new products, do not buy a new one unless you've finished the previous one. This way, you can save a lot of money, too. 

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