Money on the go with info-links

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By: anonymous
on 25th Apr,2012

Single underlined keywords would work best.
Money on the go with info-links

What is actually “info-links?”

is today's most leading provider of in textual ads for blogs, websites and web
pages. It allows web users, website and blog authors to earn money through pay
per click ads. Info link expose the readers and users to the in-text
advertisements that are relevant to the topic they are going through. Info link
was established back in the year 2007. It provides best business opportunities
and share about 70% of the revenue with the customers. Today, numerous websites
and blogs have incorporated info link's in-textual ads to benefit their
business with handsome profit.

In-text advertisements

In-text ads
appear to be sort of hyperlinks. You might have notices many words with double
underlining in various articles. When you move the cursor over these underlined
words, a small window pops up at your screen. If the visitors find the
advertisement relevant to the topic they are going through, they will click the
ad and the owner of the page gets paid for every single click. In text
advertisements do not take any extra space at your blog or website. They are
integrated within your content.

in-text ads are convenient and quick to incorporate and integrate. If you have
a blog or websites enriched with a number of articles and content, with some
exceptional keywords, you can grab a whole lot of money by incorporating
info-links' in-text ads to your content. Info-link is world-wide popular among
web page and blog owners because it offers heavy amount of revenue to the

are some tips that would help you generate money by incorporating info-link
in-textual ads to your web page.

1. Single underlined keywords would work best.

info-link in text ads are incorporated within keywords with double underlining.
If you select to underline the keywords with single underline people would get
ad blinded. Single underlined words are mistaken for hyperlinks, people in
search of looking more content from you, will more likely click the keywords
with single underlining.

2. Make your keywords colored in “blue”

A hyperlink
comes mostly in blue colors. When the readers will look at blue colored
keywords with single underlining, they will click the word getting the in-text
ad mistaken for a hyperlinked word. You can also color the keyword with the
same color as of your web page theme.

3. Use incredible keywords that get paid heavily

Try to incorporate some keywords essentially related to the
topic you are writing about which get paid heavily by advertisers. You can
Google to search for such keywords by simply making use of the Google tool for
ad words.

4. Incorporate
info-links' in-text ads only in the content of your article

People pay less attention to others areas on your page and
are more attentive to the topic you are writing about. So avoid using in-text
ads in headers, footers, comments' section and sidebar of your web page.  Integrate in-text ads in the content of your
article so that it's more likely to get clicked.

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