Pamper Yourself On A Budget!

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By: anonymous
on 30th Oct,2012

For those days when you really need to feel extra special and sexy, take time out of your busy schedule and treat yourself.
Pamper Yourself On A Budget!

The depressing thing about a credit crunch is that even beauty comes at a price, and in this current climate, we can barely afford it! You might be relieved to hear that you can still spoil yourself silly without the huge price tag. For those days when you really need to feel extra special and sexy, take time out of your busy schedule and treat yourself.

Home Facial

You can make a little sauna for your face, and it does your complexion wonders. All you need is a kettle (make yourself a cup of tea while you're there), a towel, and a heatproof bowl. Make sure you've cleaned off all your make-up, and then fill your bowl with boiling water. If you have any essential oils around the house, add a few drops. Sit down and hang your face over the bowl - don't forget to cover with a towel to keep all the steam in. Afterwards, your skin will feel immaculate and you will feel relaxed.

Run a Bath

If you've got kids, you've probably forgotten the last time you managed to get the bath to yourself. Run yourself a warm one and add a couple of cups of milk. If you have any herbs or rose petals, throw some of those in too. The important thing is that you relax. Although the milk in the water will nourish your skin, de-stressing is the fastest way to feel beautiful. Light a few candles for ambiance and pour yourself a generous glass of wine. Bliss.

Read a Good Book

Although you could petition for the remote control and watch your favourite movies (option, a), you may find it easier to enjoy a great book. There's nothing like getting lost in a fantasy world and it's a lovely way to wind down before you get an early night. The television can actually stop you from getting the beauty sleep you need by stimulating your brain.

A Guilt Free Night

Decide that you won't feel guilty about treating yourself and get your favourite box of chocolates or buy that gorgeous dress you've been lusting over for ages. This is a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, so be determined to enjoy it in style.


If you have a partner, cajole, flatter, or blackmail them into giving you a massage. You won't believe how much tension is in your muscles until someone starts kneading away at your back. Invest in some scented massage oils to really spice it up a bit.

Give Yourself a Manicure

Choose a lovely shade of nail varnish, put on some music, and trim your nails. Meanwhile, soak your feet in a bowl of soapy, warm water. Keep some cotton buds and varnish remover to hand for those little slip ups, but enjoy painting your nails in peace. As you wait for your nails to dry, watch one of your favourite episodes on the TV and then apply another coat.

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