Selecting a good attorney: The key to successful bankruptcy

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By: skyden.dredge
on 2nd Sep,2011

Selecting a good attorney: The key to successful bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a very complicated
process. If you commit mistakes in the bankruptcy process, chances are quite
high that your case may be rejected by the court. So, it is for your own
benefit, it is very much important to find a good bankruptcy attorney. A good
bankruptcy attorney is the one who knows the nitty-gritty of Chapter 7 and the
Chapter 13 bankruptcies well and can explain all the basics of these
bankruptcies to you in the best possible way. Importantly, good bankruptcy
attorneys are well acquainted with local court rules where you reside in. They
can answer all your critical queries related to bankruptcy in an effortless
way. They can offer you valuable advice about the necessary paperwork and
documentation which are required to support your case.


However, hiring a good bankruptcy
is not very cheap. It is important to find a genuine bankruptcy attorney at an
affordable rate who can indeed help you achieve the goal of eliminating your debts.
If you have decided to file for bankruptcy, it is of paramount importance to
find a good bankruptcy attorney. Here we list down few important tips by
following which you can truly find a good bankruptcy attorney.


Scan through the website of the bankruptcy


To find out a
good bankruptcy attorney, you are required to review his/her website. You can
out the educational qualifications, years of experiences, specialized areas in
the website. If a lawyer holds the certification of the American Board of
Certification, you can be rest assured about the proven expertise of the
particular lawyer in bankruptcy cases. However, here it is to be noted that
majority of the bankruptcy attorneys do not hold this certification.


Check out with the state bar association


Every state in
the country has a bar association. You can easily find the website of the bar
association of your state through a simple Google search. The websites of the
bar associations contain lawyer referral services, which link you to the attorneys
in your city or town. If any disciplinary action had been taken against any
attorney, you can also get that information in the website of the bar
association. The bar association website is indeed helpful to find a good
bankruptcy attorney.


Check whether the attorney is a member of


Before selecting
any bankruptcy attorney, it is important to check whether the bankruptcy
attorney is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy
Attorneys (NACBA). NACBA is a very well respected consumer bankruptcy
organization in the country. Membership with NACBA raises the prestige and the
respectability of a bankruptcy lawyer.


Check whether the bankruptcy lawyer offers
free consultancy


There are many
experienced bankruptcy lawyers in the country who offer free consultation
services to you. After assessing your case they decide whether or not they can
help you. An in-person consultation is indeed helpful to take the decision to
select a good bankruptcy attorney.


Bankruptcy can help you eliminate
all your debts. Anyways, follow the above mentioned tips to find a good
bankruptcy attorney who can help you reach your goal. 

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