Smart frugality promises prosperous future

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By: skyden.dredge
on 2nd Jul,2011

Frugal living is not all about sacrifice and deprivation.
Smart frugality promises prosperous future

Frugal living is not all about sacrifice and deprivation. Rather it is about living smartly, by securing a prosperous future and making the lives of the next generation brighter. It means smart money management, curbing all the unnecessary expenses from your lives and saving regularly for the future. Here is the list of ways how you can live frugally.

    Eat out less

Each of you needs to eat outside sometimes as it provides huge refreshment to your family. But at the same time, eating outside is very expensive and creates a hole in your pocket. So do not eat out very frequently. Rather curb your temptation and eat outside only occasionally.

    Visit library

You may be passionate about watching movies or you may be a connoisseur of books. But, frequently visiting movie theatres or purchasing books is very expensive. One way to hobnob your passion is to get memberships of movie/books library where you can find latest books/movies of your choice at minimal charges. This can indeed save a lot of money for you.

    Curb impulsive buying 

It is often seen that many of you purchase items temptatively. The item may not be a necessity for you, but the glamour, glitz and the allure of the shopping malls may instigate you to buy new items. The availability of credit cards also adds to your temptation to buy. Frugal living shuns away all these impulsive purchases.

    Stay fit and healthy

One major reason behind rising cases of personal financial misery is the escalating medical bill. The rising hospital and medicine expense, hit your finances badly. So, it is important to do exercise, eat well and remain healthy. This helps significantly reduce your expenses.

    Reduce credit cards usage

Credit cards are not evil. It is the improper and unmindful usage of credit card, which has given it a bad name to it. Majority of the cares of personal financial crisis can be attributed to unsecured credit card debts. Whatsoever, frugal living calls for reduction in the number of credit cards and judicious usage of credit cards.

    Cut down your power and telephone bill

Learn and make all your family members learn the utility of energy saving. With honest efforts from all your family members you can sufficiently cut down your energy bill. You can also reduce your mobile bill by stopping the unnecessary calls that you make and by getting away with the value added services. 

All these smart frugal living tips ensure a happy and prosperous future for you and your family members.

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