Temporary jobs - 5 Ways to find and retain them

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By: anonymous
on 7th Apr,2011

The biggest benefit of doing a temporary job is that it fulfills your immediate financial obligations while upgrading your skill at the same time.
Temporary jobs - 5 Ways to find and retain them

Have you been laid off from your job recently and are unable to find a job suitable to your experience and qualification? Are you the sole earning member of your family? If yes, then you can think about doing a temporary job until you get a job suitable to your profile. The biggest benefit of doing a temporary job is that it fulfills your immediate financial obligations while upgrading your skill at the same time. You can use the skill and reference to secure a better job in future. Read through the article to know about 5 ways that can help you find and retain a temporary job. 

Ways to find and retain temporary jobs

Here are the 5 ways to find and retain temporary jobs:

1. Prepare a good resume: Temporary jobs are time-specific and target oriented. So, the employers may not be eager to go through the each and every job you have done in your working life. Rather, they are more eager to know as to whether you have the skill to complete the required projects within a certain period of time. So, highlight the special projects you have accomplished, special skills, or any other major achievement in your career.  

2. Go to the right employment agency: It is very important to submit your resume to the right employment agency. Search for the local and good "temporary agencies" in the internet. You may be surprised to know that there are as much as 20,000 employment agencies specializing in the temp jobs. You can visit those agencies and find a temp job suitable to your profile. Even if you can grab a temp job in a multinational company, you can always use that reference to secure a great job later. Who knows, you may also get promoted to a senior position in the company depending on your performance.

3. Expect a reasonable salary: The pay scale of the temporary jobs depends on various factors such as qualification, experience, location, etc. So, you'll commit a mistake by rejecting a job simply on the salary issue. If you think that the salary is sufficient to meet all your expenses, then you must not hesitate to take up the job. However, if you feel that you can't survive with the salary, then tell your expected salary to the placement officer. He/she will help you get a suitable job.      

4. Upgrade your skill: Most of the companies give training to the temps. So, when you get training, you should learn as much as you can. You should take advantage of the training and upgrade your skill. You may get a chance to learn to operate new applications, machines, etc. Attend all the seminars and workshops organized by your employer. You can enhance your skills and build new contacts by attending these meetings.

5. Never hesitate to accept a low profile job: The unemployment rate in the nation is still high. So, don't hesitate to accept low-profile jobs even if you are over qualified for them. Even if you get a clerical job, you should not reject it. You should also inform the agency that you'll not resign from the job leaving the projects unfinished. This will help the employment agency to find a temporary job quickly.  

Finally, you can work with multiple employment agencies simultaneously. You can submit your resume to different agencies to increase your chances of getting a temporary job sooner. After you have secured a job, you should inform the other agencies about it. You can also inform them about the time when you'll be available again for the jobs. So, once your projects are completed, you can get a job in another organization immediately.

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