The Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) Certification a renowned credential in Financial Planning Sector

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on 25th May,2016

This certification is regarded as the height of excellence in the financial planning sector.
The Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) Certification a renowned credential in Financial Planning Sector

What is the ChFC certification?

The Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) Certification is an advanced level certification, which targets the professionals working in the financial planning sector. This certification program is offered by the American College of Financial Services and intends to tests and then validates the individuals in the financial planning and caters the demands of the individuals, professionals and business owners by preparing them for the challenging field of planning. The certification covers the key concepts like the financial planning disciplines, income taxation, insurance, estate planning, retirement planning and many more. This certification is regarded as the height of excellence in the financial planning sector. The professionals holding this certification can enjoy a very rewarding career with a vast scope for growth.

What are the educational requirements for ChFC Certification?

The candidates are required to complete 9 college level exam courses, out of which 7 are the main required courses and two are the elective courses of ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant). The required courses are as follows:

  • Financial Planning: process and environment HS300
  • Fundamental of Insurance Planning HS311
  • Income taxation HS321Planning for retirement needs HS326
  • Investments HS328
  • Fundamentals of estate planning HS330
  • Financial planning and applications HS332

The candidates who have taken the HS318 exam course are not required to take the HS300 and HS311. And the candidates who have already passed the CFP certification may also not require taking the HS318, HS321, HS328 and HS300 course. In this scenario, the candidates’ only take the HS330 exam course i.e. Fundamentals of Estate planning with the two elective courses. The details of the elective courses can be obtained by visiting the official site American College.

What are the learning options for the ChFC certification

There are various study options that you can choose from when pursuing a ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) Certification. The American college of Financial Services offers two kinds of learning options for the candidates of this certification.

  • Get Up-to-Date HS330 Exam Questions of ChFC Certification, which are provided with an aim to facilitate the candidates through provision of enhanced better way of education. The candidates can select a different way of learning by using this facility.
  • The intensive live review, which is provided on the basis of onsite classroom environment. In this option, the candidates can receive education by the top faculty member of the American College of Financial services. Both the options can provide the candidates with the comprehensive knowledge of the courses of this certification.

What is the registration procedure for the ChFC Certification?

The interested candidates can register themselves with the American College of Financial Services for getting this most valuable certification. Candidates can conduct an online registration by visiting the official website of American College or call the authorities for further information. The College is also offering complete package of study material for this certification. Candidates can avail this opportunity. However, the completion of certification will only be awarded to the candidates who have complete all the courses and followed all polices, ethics and code of conduct of the American College of Financial Services.

What kind of career path is available after this certification?

The candidates successfully passed all the exams and holds this certification can have immense employment opportunities in the field of financial planning. Numerous companies offer rewarding career options to the certified professionals of financial planning. The candidates can also follow the career path offered by American College to enjoy a promising career. 

A Chartered Financial Consultant Program prepares the candidate to the rigorous standards of competence to be able to give sound financial advice relative to various financial planning discipline such as insurance, retirement planning, investments and real estate planning as well as income taxation among business owners, individuals or professionals.

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