Top 3 Industries Seeking Trained Professionals

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By: iamryanburk
on 10th Dec,2013

Depending on the date of birth, we have all been being persuaded by our parents to take various professions.
Top 3 Industries Seeking Trained Professionals

Depending on the date of birth, we have all been being persuaded by our parents to take various professions. In the 1970s, most people were probably advised to finish some law schools and work for the government. Due to the peak of the Cold War and the weaponry production, many boys were told to pick up a career in crafts, so that one day they get employed in military industry.

In the 1980s, as Reagan and Gorbachev started calming down nuclear passion and the whole world turned to capital and earning money, kids of that period were advised to study economics. Apart from that, shrewder parents were trying to direct their heirs into information technology sector, whose pioneers, such as Bill Gates, have become some of the most influential and riches people on this planet.

When the 1990s arrived, the IT sector was becoming even more popular and more and more people were getting involved in programming and hardware production.


IT and the Internet

At the mouth of the third millennium, that IT sector is probably the fastest growing field of human work in the world. As the Internet is spreading as we speak (and type) it is not necessary anymore to be in the same room with your colleagues and bosses. Moreover, it is not necessary even to be in the same country with your bosses. Nowadays, people work and cooperate with all parts of the world. Outsourcing has completely changed the work face of the world. The Internet has really made it possible for numerous people from all over the world to work and earn by working online. That can be described as a sort of blending between that study-economics and turn-IT philosophies, since the infinity of virtual space means the endless number of ideas how to earn money and what to do online. Also, if you have just lost a position in a firm and do not have job now, try retraining yourself and turn online. Weather it;s online marketing or making branded promotional products ane selling them online, it is an area worth investing in. 

Repair and craft

While the globe was directing itself and people towards virtual space and computers, some of its tangible features and appliances, such as washing machines, lights, electricity, cars and many other have remained out there, in the real world. All these things need people to fix them and take care of them. That is why crafts are still among most required professions in today’s world. If your car breaks down, you will not need a distant worker to fix it online, but you will need a real-life mechanic. However, many mechanics and repairers from all over the world make tutorial-videos today, so that enthusiasts can fix every thing in the house on their own (whatever you do, do not mess with electricity if you are not a pro).

Medical care

Since the age of the population of Western countries is on the constant rise and those countries have more and more old people, medical care is one of the most prominent branches today. Doctors have always been in demand, but nowadays nurses and staff caring for the elderly and very much in short supply. Career in medical industry can bring a steady income and fair benefits but it does include hard workj and requires a special type of person with the right caracteristics and strong devotion to helping others. We  If you are not too old and still got the nerve and patience for retraining yourself, medical care is a nice choice.

While the IT and Internet revolution has changed the world and is still doing it, some jobs cannot be done online. It is up to you, your knowledge and preferences to choose what path to pick. 

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