Turn your debt into prosperity

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By: spendherenotthere
on 16th Jul,2015

Nothing was safe.net.
Turn your debt into prosperity

We (a family of 3) found ourselves in huge debt over $140,000 in debt.  It did not look good.  We had credit cards, car loans, students loan, second mortgages and it was taking almost all we had to stay current. 

However, we were sick of all of our income going to make others rich.  So we did something about it.  We looked at all our spending and made dramatic cuts. Nothing was safe.  We also got on a budget that we call a financial pyramid where we made a commitment that the largest amount of spending that we did was for debt reduction.  The smallest amount of spending if any was for our entertainment or eating out.  We call it: spendherenotthere.net.  We spend in accordance with our pyramid to ensure that we are always going in the right direction, i.e. out of debt and now on to million(s). 

Everyone's budget or financial pyramid will differ and ours is heavy on insurance because of the necessity for health insurance for us which I would recommend to others.  We have followed our financial pyramid and paid off over $140,000 in less than four years.  We are now investing substantial sums of money and also paying off the house.  From investments alone, we made over $3000 last week in mutual funds.  Last week was a record week for the stock market and there will be ups and downs.  However, we love that we have money in place to take advantage of record weeks for the stock market and doing it debt free.   

However, had we not had to commit ourselves to sticking to our financial pyramid, we would not be in the great position that we are now.  Please join us. 

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