Watch movies and get entertained at the minimum cost

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By: Good Nelly
on 1st Mar,2012

The price of the movie tickets can be as high as $15.Movies are for entertainment. They make you laugh or cry.
Watch movies and get entertained at the minimum cost

Do you love to hit the nearest movie theater whenever you can? Do you love to watch the latest released movies? If yes, then a large fraction of your paycheck is going to the movie theater owners every month. The price of the movie tickets can be as high as $15. If you watch at least 2 movies in a week, then it means that you're spending around $120 in a month.

Movies are for entertainment. They make life less-stressful. They make you laugh or cry. Most importantly, they help you have a good time. You don't need to give up this form of entertainment just because it is draining your funds. You just need to keep the entertainment cost at a minimum level.

Read along to know about 5 smart strategies that can help you watch movies at the theaters by paying a few dollars.

Strategies to watch movies without breaking your bank

Check out the 5 strategies which you can use to get discounts on the movie tickets:

1. Take advantage of a gift card: Not many people realize that gift cards are for personal use. You can use gift cards to get nearly 20% discount on the movie tickets. If you're a movie buff and you make several visits to the theaters in a month, then gift cards are a must. All you need to do is register for the email alerts that inform you about the gift cards of your choice. You can just purchase the cards and carry them in your pocket while going to a movie theater. This will help you save money on movie tickets.

2. Say 'no' the 3D version: When you're watching a dramatic masterpiece such as Avatar, it makes sense to catch the 3D version of the movie. However, not all the movies have spectacular special effects. So, there is no need to buy premium-priced tickets for all the movies. You can easily purchase normal tickets for the movies with good storylines but without any special effects.

3. Join reward programs: Some movie theaters offer reward programs to the movie goers. These programs offer discounts on the tickets to repeat customers. For instance: you can get $10 off on every $100 spent in the theater. Moreover, you may even get the chance to munch pop corns and drink beverages without paying any dollars.

4. Catch the first show of the day: You can get discounts on the movie tickets by catching the first show of the day. Some theaters offer discounts on the tickets till 5pm or 6pm i.e., in the office hours. So, try to catch the shows during this time. If you're in school or college, then it won't be any problem for you.

Movie ticket price vary from theaters to theaters. You can book the movie tickets online nowadays. So, compare the price of the movie tickets charged by the different movie theater owners. Opt for the one which offers tickets at low price.

5. Catch the movie previews: Some theaters in your town or city hold special screenings of the forthcoming movies. The film makers want to know what the audience thinks about their movies before making a world wide release. This is also a good promotional strategy. The cast and crew of the movie want to spread awareness amongst the people. You'll have to do some research to know about the theaters holding free screening of the upcoming movies. However, the trouble is worth it. You'll be able to watch the movie with your favorite stars for free.

You can find out the special events through the email alerts and newsletters. Keep a close look on the newspapers too. You would not want to miss out such a golden opportunity. Isn't it!

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