Watch out for 6 ominous signs when you are haunting for jobs

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By: Good Nelly
on 11th Oct,2011

Unemployed youths are desperate to get jobs. In the current economic scenario where the unemployment rate is around 9.
Watch out for 6 ominous signs when you are haunting for jobs

Unemployed youths are desperate to get jobs. In the current economic scenario where the unemployment rate is around 9.1%, the unemployed graduates are mainly concerned about securing a job with a decent pay scale. They want to give the best interview of their life and get the appointment letter. They don't give much attention to other aspects while giving the interview. This is why they often miss out the ominous signs while giving the interview. As result, it is extremely easy for the youths to get employed in a bad company. Their dream job turns into a nightmare very soon. Due to this reason, it is crucial to spot the warning signs while you are giving the interview at a company.

6 Warning signs to watch out for

Here are the 6 ominous signs which job seekers should watch out for:

1. Lack of clarity: You have given most of the answers of the questions asked in the interview. The interviewer is extremely polite and you like him instantly. However, some where down the line, you get a feeling that the interviewee is just trying to sell the job to you. He is trying his best to convince you that the job is great and you should take it up.

Wise employers will never give you an impression that the job is the best in the world. Rather, he will explain to you about the positive and negative sides of the job. He will tell you about what you can get or can't get in this job.

If any employer does not point out the negative side of the job such as long working hours, too much pressure, targets, etc. then know for sure that something is not right about the job.

2. Take a long time to reach a decision: You have given the interview at a company 2 weeks ago. You haven't heard anything from the company yet. This can signify 2 things - (a) you haven't qualified for the job, (b) the company can't make a quick decision. If the second point is true, then it implies that the management of the company is not efficient. It also gives you an idea about the culture of the company. A good company will at least notify you about the timeline.

3. Non-interest in the employees: If the employer is absolutely not interested about you or does not even bother to explain what you'll be expected to do in the company, then beware. It shows that the employer has no interest in the performance or welfare of the employees. A company can only grow when its employees are efficient and productive. If the employer has absolutely no interest in the employees, then their mistakes will never be noticed. This will hamper the growth of the company and you'll not want to be a part of such an organization.

4. Change in the job description: You get a call from the HR department of a company regarding a job opening. The HR officer gives you a brief job description and gives you the time of the interview. After a few hours, the officer calls you again. This time, he tells you that you will be working at the accounts department and not at the marketing department as it was earlier decided. You don't get any call from them in the next 2 days. You reach the venue and are informed that you'll give an interview for an administrative post. You get completely confused about your job profile.

Your confusion will increase if you start working this company. You can be instructed to work as a sales manager on Monday. On Thursday, you may come to know that you have been shifted to the administrative department, and this thing may continue days after days.

5. Impolite interviewers: You have tried your best to impress the interviewer, yet he is behaving rudely with you. He is behaving as if you have disturbed him or hampered his busy schedule. It is a bad sign for you. It proves that the employee does not know the right way to behave with the workers. Avoid working with this company even if you do get the job. If you accept the offer letter and start working in this company, then you will be at the end of receiving such a behavior from the employee everyday.

6. Not informing you about timeline changes: It is quite frustrating to wait for the day when you'll get a call from the company regarding the result of the interview. The HR manager has told you that you'll be informed about it on a specific date. You wait for the call on the particular date, but don't get any message from the company. This means that the administrative department of the company does not bother to show the minimum courtesy to the employees/job seekers. So, it is better to not join that company even if you are selected for the job.

Finally, if you find that the company has a high turnover in the department you are going to work for, then it is a warning sign for you. It indicates 2 things to you - (a) the company often tends to sack the poor/average performers (b) the employees leave the company as the job profile is extremely bad. You have to know which one is correct.

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