Welcome New Year with a big party at small cost

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By: Good Nelly
on 30th Dec,2011

Glance through the article to know about great tips that will help you organize a party at small cost.
Welcome New Year with a big party at small cost

Do you really want to welcome New Year while having a drink with your friends? Do you wish to organize a fantastic party at your home so that you can be with your friends on the New Year? If yes, then you need to chalk out a plan for organizing the party soon. New Year will arrive tomorrow, and you can't afford to waste a single moment. Glance through the article to know about great tips that will help you organize a party at small cost. 

Organize a New Year party as per your affordability

Cheering with your friends at a great party is an excellent way to welcome the New Year. Check out some tips to organize a New Year party with less money.

1. Look for substitute items and prepare food.

A big chunk of money goes towards preparing the dishes for the party. So, you need to look at the possible ways to save money on that area. Instead of cooking popular smoked meat with cheese, you can try out some other thing. You can serve roasted ham with yummy biscuits to your guests. This will help you feed all your guests at a bare minimum cost. Give special attention to the presentation of the dishes. If the foods look good, then half the battle is won.

2. Decide the theme of the New Year party to create festive mood. 

Think about the theme of the New Year party. Once you have chosen the theme of the party, you'll know exactly what to buy. Purchase only those items which will go well with the theme of the party. Strike off the items from your shopping list which do not suit the party theme. This will help you organize the party within a budget.   

3. Organize the party in the morning and have a nice meal.

Who said that you'll have to organize the party in the evening only? You can arrange a get together in the morning also. Try out several recipes and arrange a nice breakfast for your friends. Eggs are quite cheap, and you can make several types of dishes with them. So, if you want, you can prepare an egg casserole for your guests. You can prepare a nice salad too. Serve the salad with fresh bread and a glass of fresh orange juice. Your party will be an instant hit with your friends. The best part is that you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars for this. 

4. Do your own research and shop wisely.

Ask your friends about the stores giving heavy discounts on the products. Find out where you can get the all the items. Browse through different websites to know where you can get good deals. Go through the advertisements displayed on the newspapers. Once you've completed your research, start shopping. 

5. Ask your friend to co-organize the party. 

Call your best friend ask him/her to organize the party with you. You'll enjoy the process of organizing the party when your best friend is with you. You can chat with him/her, pull each other's legs while making the necessary preparations. You can cook the dishes while your friend can look after the other areas. Divide the total cost of organizing the party amongst yourselves. This way both of you'll save money.

Last but not least, you can serve buffet to prevent wastage of food, time, energy and money. Usually, it has been seen that people tend to eat less in a buffet as they are too busy in gossiping. You don't need to serve expensive dishes either. All you need to do is serve casseroles, mashed potatoes, apple pie, etc. on the table. Since you can cook the dishes in advance, you can easily avoid the last minute stress.

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